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Shopping In Hanoi Old Quarter: Top 05 Best Ao Dai Shops For Tourists

Captivated by the lively ambiance of Hanoi Old Quarter and looking for a memorable souvenir? Consider the Áo Dài, Vietnam's iconic traditional dress! We've curated a list of the top 05 best Ao Dai shops for tourists, featuring options ranging from luxurious silks to affordable treasures, from timeless styles to contemporary adaptations. Prepare to find the ideal Áo Dài that encapsulates the enchantment of your Hanoi experience!

I. Introduction about Áo Dài - Vietnam’s Traditional dress

The Áo Dài (vietnamese long dress) is one of Vietnam's most iconic symbols of cultural pride and beauty, encapsulating centuries of history, tradition, and artistic expression. This traditional Vietnamese long dress is distinguished by its sleek and elongated silhouette, which gracefully enhances the figure while reflecting the elegance and modesty of Vietnamese culture. Historically, the Áo Dài has evolved through various modifications influenced by social changes and foreign styles. The classic áo dài vietnam consists of a long, flowing tunic that splits over loose-fitting trousers. The tunic typically reaches all the way down to the knees or even the ankles, with long sleeves and a mandarin collar. It is fastened with buttons that run along the length of the dress, often from the neck down to the waist or, in some designs, up to the knee.
Vietnamese women in traditional Vietnamese long dress
The Vietnamese áo dài is celebrated for its versatility and wide appeal, commonly worn by both genders, though women's styles are more intricate and recognized. This traditional attire is favoured for formal events like weddings or Lunar New Year, … as well as in cultural and religious ceremonies. It's also popular among the youth, often worn as school uniforms or at national celebrations, symbolising a deep respect for tradition and national pride. More than just clothing, the áo dài vietnam serves as a medium for artistic expression, featuring elaborate embroidery, vivid patterns, and a spectrum of colours that narrate regional and personal tales. Each piece can be custom-crafted with unique elements such as hand-painted art, beadwork, and fine materials like silk and organza.
Today, Vietnamese áo dài remains a poignant symbol of Vietnam's rich cultural heritage and aesthetic sensibility, cherished by locals and admired by visitors from around the world. It stands as a testament to the Vietnamese spirit, blending historical richness with contemporary charm.

II. Top best Áo Dài shops in Hanoi Old Quarter for tourists

1. Thao Silk, best Áo Dài Shops in Hanoi Old Quarter

Shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter for a new experience, Thao Silk Store invites you to experience Vietnamese culture in a truly unforgettable way. Forget souvenir shops filled with knick-knacks, Thao Silk specialises in crafting sophisticated, high-quality Vietnamese áo dài, designed specifically for tourists. Their professional tailors understand the perfect combination of tradition and wearability, ensuring you a beautiful Ao Dai that flatters your figure and shows off your elegance. This is a unique souvenir that captures the essence of your Vietnam adventure and is a lasting reminder of the country's rich cultural heritage. But Thao Silk is more than just souvenirs, it's about quality you can trust. They use only the finest materials, from luxurious silk to breathable linen, creating ao dai designed to be both comfortable and stylish.
Thao Silk shop, best áo dài shop in Hanoi Old Quarter
The beauty lies in the personalised experience. Their tailors will work with you to choose the perfect fabric, style and fit, ensuring an Ao Dai reflects your personal taste, whether you prefer classic or contemporary, refined subtle or bold. Visiting Thao Silk in Hanoi is more than just shopping; It's a fun immersion into Hanoi's vibrant culture. The friendly staff and charming atmosphere will welcome you with open arms, inviting you to embrace a piece of Vietnamese tradition. Don't just take pictures of beautiful traditional Vietnamese long dress, wear them! Thao Silk offers a unique opportunity to go beyond the typical travel experience. Leave with a high-quality ao dai, a unique souvenir and memory that will take you back to the heart of Hanoi every time you wear it. Discover the magic of Ao Dai at Thao Silk Store – you won't regret it!

Thao Silk always attracts customers with diverse and rich products
Customer reviews of Thao Silk shop on Trip Advisor:
Picked up a dress, staff were professional, but personally limited choice, but I liked something and it fit me ok, so went ahead. Definitely pricier but good quality. Beautiful silk, real silk and good price for the designs and sizes. I bought 3 scarves

2. Anh Village Silk

In the vibrant Hoan Kiem district of Hanoi, Anh Village Silk, a famous áo dài shop in Hanoi Old Quarter, offers a distinctive shopping journey for those in search of authentic Vietnamese craftsmanship and premium "made in Vietnam" souvenirs. Specialising in traditional Vietnamese long dresses and vests tailored for tourists, this boutique caters to travellers with discerning tastes and a penchant for quality. Their skilled artisans expertly blend traditional Vietnamese opulence with modern comfort, crafting garments that are not only fashionable but also serve as cherished mementos of your visit to Vietnam.
Anh Village Silk specializes in tailoring Vietnamese ao dai and vests for tourists
Anh Village Silk, this áo dài shop prides itself on using only the finest materials, ensuring each product exudes luxury and durability. With a wide array of colours, fabrics, and designs to choose from, customers receive personalised service tailored to their preferences, guaranteeing a perfect fit that reflects their individual style. Beyond merely suggesting a souvenir, the bespoke áo dài vietnam tailoring experience at Anh Village Silk invites you to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture, leaving with a meticulously crafted garment that becomes a part of your own unique story. These custom measurements serve as a tangible memory of the time spent exploring the vibrant streets of Hanoi, a testament to the rich cultural tapestry woven into every stitch.
Tourist experience at Anh Village Silk shop
Reviews from travelers about Anh Village Silk Shop on Trip Advisor:
Could not recommend Anh Village Silk any more!! I brought many photos of things I liked without any direction, and the Anh’s were thoughtful and helpful in picking out fabrics, colors, and silhouettes. The pieces were back to me in 36 hours, with no detail overlooked. I’ve never felt so good in my clothes nor been so happy!! I have already recommended her to many of my friends, and I couldn’t have a more glowing review. You will not regret it!!

3. Royal Silk, shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter

Shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter, where to buy Vietnamese áo dài? Look no further than Royal Silk Hanoi. Nestled in the heart of the historic capital Hanoi, this Hanoi áo dài shop welcomes visitors with exquisitely tailored suits and traditional vietnamese long dress, imbued with Vietnamese culture. Stepping through the doors of Royal Silk, you will be overwhelmed by the colourful and diverse world of designs, promising to bring you a unique and memorable shopping experience. Royal Silk Hanoi possesses a rich treasure of designs, colours and designs, meeting all needs and preferences of visitors. From elegant, luxurious suits to graceful, sophisticated traditional ao dai, all are meticulously tailored by a team of skilled tailors, ensuring a perfect fit and flattering figure. yours in the most perfect way. This áo dài shop in Hanoi Old Quarter always puts quality criteria first. We use the highest quality materials, from soft silk to high-quality imported fabrics, ensuring to bring you products that are durable, beautiful and comfortable to wear.
Shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter, visit Royal Silk Hanoi
Royal Silk Hanoi's professional and dedicated staff is always ready to support and advise you in choosing the suits and ao dai that best suit your needs and preferences. We are committed to bringing you the most comfortable and satisfying shopping experience. Coming to Royal Silk Hanoi, you will not only shop for beautiful suits and áo dài vietnam, but also have the opportunity to experience Vietnamese culture in the most authentic way. You will be advised on how to wear traditional Vietnamese long dress, appropriate clothing combinations, and interesting stories about Vietnamese history and culture. Royal Silk Hanoi always welcomes visitors to visit and make a choice . We believe that you will find satisfactory suits and ao dai here, bringing you beautiful memories of your trip to Vietnam.
Travelers' testimonials of Royal Silk Hanoi on TripAdvisor:
Daisy was amazing!!! She’s very talented and can easily get the vision for our dresses. She gives you good advices on what fabrics and colours to get and is accommodating to our needs. She also delivered the dress directly to our hotel for fitting as it was late. We only had 1 day in Hanoi so we’re thankful everything fits perfect and didn’t need refitting. The price is fair and well within our expected budget. Highly recommend!

4. Village Silk Tailor

Located in the cultural heart of Hanoi silk street, Village Silk Tailor elevates the typical tourist shopping experience by offering bespoke tailoring services that seamlessly blend elegance with local tradition. Depart from the realm of mass-produced souvenirs and step into a realm where you can commission custom-tailored Vietnamese long dress and stylish vests, meticulously crafted from the finest silks and breathable linens perfectly suited to Hanoi’s climate.
Village Silk shop, one of the best áo dài shops in Hanoi
At Village Silk Tailor, our skilled artisans collaborate closely with you to transform your personal style into a stunning, conversation-worthy garment that not only serves as a cherished keepsake but also represents an investment in quality craftsmanship. Beyond a mere transaction, visiting this ideal áo dài shop is an immersive journey into Vietnamese culture, where our friendly ambiance and personalised service ensure that each piece is not just worn, but treasured. Embark on a journey to experience the artistry of custom Vietnamese clothing at Village Silk Tailor and depart with a one-of-a-kind, high-quality garment that keeps the vibrant memory of Hanoi alive in every stitch.
Visitors' impressions of Village Silk Tailor on Trip Advisor:
I had a silk dress made here and was amazed by the outcome. I had a short window and without any concerns the dress was finished within 24 hours. I went in for a fitting and for any alterations however none were needed as it was a perfect fit. I showed a few photos of the dress online and from this they were able to make the exact same dress! Highly recommend this tailor. The owner is also lovely, helpful and professional. Thank you!

5. Bamboo Silk Tailor

Are you looking for a high-end vest and ao dai tailoring experience when shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter exclusively for tourists? Come to Bamboo Silk Tailor! This place is not only a regular tailor áo dài shop but also an ideal destination for you to discover and own exquisite, classy outfits with a strong Vietnamese impression. At Bamboo Silk Tailor, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of designs, colours and styles of vests and dresses. From classic, elegant to modern, unconventional designs, all are meticulously tailored by a team of skilled, experienced tailors, guaranteed to bring you outfits that fit your style, accentuate your figure and personal style.
 Bamboo Silk Tailor, the áo dài shop in Hanoi
Furthermore, Bamboo Silk Tailor also uses high-quality materials, imported directly from abroad, ensuring durability, beauty, softness and airiness, suitable for Vietnam's climate. Every seam and thread is done carefully and meticulously, showing respect and appreciation for customers. With professional and dedicated tailoring service, Bamboo Silk Tailor will help you own the most satisfactory suits and Vietnamese long dress, suitable for all events, from important meetings to luxurious parties. You can also choose to tailor outfits according to your own ideas, expressing your unique style and personality.
Come to Bamboo Silk Tailor for the best experience
Testimonials from customers about Bamboo Silk Tailor on TripAdvisor:
Small shop ran by a hard working lady who gives absolutely great and especially honest advice. She’s not pushing anything and helps you in the best possible way. She made some beautiful dresses for my wife. Quality of the materials was really high. One of the better tailors for women that we came across in Hanoi. Moreover, she managed to finish everything within less than 24 hours. Excellent service!

III. Useful advice for tourists buying Ao Dai in Hanoi Old Quarter

When shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter, here are additional tips for buying an Áo Dài for tourists that can help ensure a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience:
  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure that your vietnamese áo dài fits well. A well-fitting Áo Dài should be comfortable, allow easy movement, and look flattering. Pay attention to the length of the trousers and the split of the tunic.
  • Negotiate the Price: Prices can vary significantly from one shop to another. Don't hesitate to negotiate, especially if you are buying more than one or if the initial price seems too high.
  • Ask for Care Instructions: Since Vietnamese long dress is often made from delicate materials, ask the seller for care instructions to maintain the quality of the fabric and the longevity of the garment.
  • Accessorise: Enhance your Áo Dài ensemble by selecting complementary accessories such as shoes, handbags, or jewellery. Many shops also offer coordinating pieces to perfectly complete your look.
  • Cultural Appreciation: While wearing an áo dài vietnam, it’s important to do so with respect for the cultural significance of the garment. Understanding and appreciating its cultural background enhances the experience.
Shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter and experiencing high-class, dedicated tailoring service with a team of professional staff. Surely you will be satisfied with the high quality suits and Vietnamese áo dài, giving you confidence and perfect style throughout your travel journey in Hanoi. Autour Asia - best Vietnam travel agency warmly invites you to experience the authentic charm and beauty of Vietnam this holiday season. Join us for a journey filled with joy and wonder, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and genuine hospitality of the Vietnamese people.
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