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All Travel Tips In Vietnam And Essential Advice For Your Vietnam Trip

For an excellent Vietnam trip, please read the following information carefully :

1. Prepare for the trip

Travel tips in Vietnam

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after the return date of the flight ticket
  • Printed visa approval letter
  • 4 photos 4x6cm just in case
  • Printed international and domestic flight tickets
  • Printed final itinerary of the Vietnam trip
  • Cash dollars for customs payment (if obtaining visa on arrival):
    • In Vietnam: 30 USD/person
    • In Cambodia: 30 USD/person
    • In Laos: 20 - 42 USD/person (depending on your nationality)
    • In Myanmar: 30 USD/person

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2. Visa

a. Visa Exemption

According to the new law of the Vietnamese government, citizens from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Belarus will be exempt from a Vietnam entry visa provided that the duration of their stay does not exceed 45 days, and the passport is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the stay. If a trip to Vietnam is less than 45 days, you will be exempt from a visa. To obtain this exemption, present your passports, entry, and exit flight tickets to the Vietnamese customs.

b. Entry Visa

For your entry visa, I recommend applying for an E-visa online by following the link provided by the government ( click here ). If you don't have time, we can assist you for a fee of 40 USD per person.

Please print this E-visa and take it with you to the airport, as some airlines may refuse boarding without this document.

E-visa Vietnam

Note: It is advisable to arrive at the airport with cash dollars or euros just in case
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3. Guide and Driver

Travel tips in Vietnam : Upon exiting the international zone of the airport/border checkpoint, you will find your guide holding a welcome sign with your name. We will inform you of their description as soon as possible.

4. Climate - Temperature

Each season in Vietnam carries its own unique beauty

a. In the north

  • Spring (February – April): 9 - 19°C
  • Summer (May – July) – rainy season: Hot with heavy rainfall, average temperature is 29°C (can reach 42°C)
  • Autumn (August – October): Cool
  • Winter (November – January) – dry season: Average temperature 17°C (can drop to 5 - 10°C)

b. In the south: average temperature is 30°C

  • Rainy season (May – November)
  • Dry season (mid-November – April)

c. In the central region: influenced by storms, especially from September to December

5. Homestays

Homestay in Vietnam

In your itinerary, you will have one or more nights in homestays. It is a family, rural, rustic habitat in a traditional house, typically on stilts, in a communal area. Houses hosting tourists are generally well-equipped (we ensure quality reception for our clients): a mattress, a blanket, a sheet, and a mosquito net for each guest. Travel tips in Vietnam, in any case, we recommend bringing your hygiene and essential products: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, face towels, etc. If your suitcase is already quite full, you can easily purchase these items in Vietnam.

6. Luggage

Travel tips in Vietnam, regarding your luggage, our entire team is well-trained to take the utmost care. During your visits, you can leave your belongings in the car. In homestays, you can inform the guide that you are leaving items in the house; he will be responsible for finding a safe place for them. In principle, no one will touch them. However, we cannot guarantee your valuable items (such as money, jewelry, camera...). We cannot know every situation during your trip. Always be careful with your bags, especially if you have important things inside.

7. Restaurant

There are all types of restaurants in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are all types of restaurants, ranging from popular to upscale. The prices of meals also vary significantly, corresponding to each type of restaurant. Travel tips in Vietnam, for popular eateries, the prices are always very affordable (around 3 to 5 euros, or even less) and are highly popular in the daily life of the Vietnamese people. If you wish to dine at popular restaurants, always seek advice from your guide or hotel staff for good recommendations.

9. Tipping

Travel guide in Vietnam: Tipping is a civilized custom for tourists worldwide. It serves as a sincere thank you to helpful, attentive, and dedicated staff. Here are the customary rates for services during the journey:

  • For the guide: 5 USD per person per day.
  • For the driver: 2 USD per person per day.
  • For individuals providing minor services (porter, cyclo rider, rowboat, boat crew, junk, waiter, etc.): 1 USD per person.

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10. Currency and Exchange

Travel tips in Vietnam: It is advisable to exchange money at the local bank to get the best exchange rate. Here is the updated exchange rate in 2024:

In Vietnam:

1 USD = 23,500 VND (Dong)
1 EUR = 24,500 VND (Dong)
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11. During the journey

Essential advice for your Vietnam trip

Travel tips in Vietnam:
a. At the hotel

• Check-in: 14:00 PM
• Check-out: 12:00 PM
• Free Wi-Fi in hotels
b. You will also have walking days. For your health, it is recommended to prepare good, comfortable shoes for walks, and especially not to come with new shoes! It's also better to bring light clothes that you've been wearing for some time, and also insect repellent lotion.
c. When staying overnight on a cruise, enhance your comfort by bringing along only the essential items. Leave the rest securely stored in your vehicle.
d. For a trip to Vietnam: If you are allergic to something specific, please let us know so that we can prepare your meals accordingly.
e. Pay close attention when crossing the street in Vietnam, as there are many motorcycles in both directions. Never step back, always move forward slowly.
f. Vietnam is very peaceful, but there are pickpockets. For your peace of mind, leave your passports at the hotel reception until your departure for a new destination. Leave valuable items (jewelry, money) in the hotel safe.
g. When walking in the streets, put your backpack in front of you to better control it.
h. When you want to buy souvenirs (except in supermarkets where the price is indicated), you can negotiate at 20% - 30% less than the advertised price. Euros, USD, Vietnamese Dongs, and credit cards are accepted in large shops.
i. Travel guide in Vietnam: For expenses during your trip, you can bring euros or dollars (limit set by Vietnam: 7000 dollars or 5000 euros; beyond that, a declaration is required), major stores accept them, or you can exchange them for local currency, especially if you want to eat in street restaurants. Additionally, the ATM system (Visa card or equivalent) works very well and is completely secure in Vietnam.
j. Ask our guide to help you distinguish Vietnamese currency bills (there are many zeros...).
k. Wear long clothes when entering the pagoda during your visit.
l. Bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and necessary medications.
m. No vaccines are mandatory. However, we recommend that you keep your routine vaccinations up to date (diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, polio, hepatitis). Consult your doctor for advice.
n. The electrical voltage in Vietnam is 220V.

12. Our criteria for services selection :

Our hotel selection criteria for you:

 A charming hotel or eco-friendly resort, well located.
 Air - conditioned room with window, private bathroom and toilet.
 Committed to promoting responsible and sustainable eco-tourism.
 Free wifi.
 In resorts, it is essential to harmonize with nature, surrounded by numerous green trees. The staff is constantly committed to preserving the environment and nature.

Our junk boat cruise selection criteria for you:
 Air-conditioned cabin with sea view and private bathroom and toilettes inside. Interior decorated with modern comforts.
 The itinerary is off the beaten track, away from the 500 other boats in the bay.
 Fine and varied cuisine with various seafoods.
 Personal caring.
 Committed to promoting responsible and sustainable eco-tourism.
For more information, please visit website listed in the "Halong Bay cruises"

Our homestay selection criteria for you:
 A lovely host, hospitable, friendly.
 Clean and tidy.
 The host must strive to promote responsible and sustainable tourism.
 Free wifi.

Our vehicle selection criteria for you:
 Private Car: air conditioner, declinable chairs, bottles of water and cold towels provided during the trip.
 Professional drivers, competent, attentive, accustomed to drive with foreign customers.

Our restaurant selection criteria for you:
 As mentioned in the program
 Typical and authentic, they will be served in local restaurants or on the junk or homestay.
 Committed to promoting responsible and sustainable eco-tourism.
 Breakfast is included at the hotel.

Our guide selection criteria for you:
 Local guides specialized by region, professional, English speaking; approved and certified by the National Tourism Administration.
 For free days: No guide, no driver.

Autour Asia - Vietnam travel agency extends warm wishes for a joyful and blissful holiday, inviting you to savor the genuine beauty of the Vietnamese people.


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