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Lily Cruise Junk Halong Bay

Lily Cruise Junk Halong Bay

5.0 Excellent 1 reviews

"Everything was really nice and calm. The waiter named Gin was friendly and good at his job. The crew .." - Simon X

Hanoi - Halong International Cruise Port - Bai Tu Long - Vung Vieng - Thien Canh Son Cave - Halong Bay - Hanoi



Lily Cruise stands as a pinnacle of luxury among the 4-star cruise options available in the captivating locales of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. These bays earned their esteemed position as one of the World's New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011, and Lily Cruise endeavors to ensure that every voyage lives up to this prestigious reputation.

Setting itself apart, this Bai Tu Long Bay cruise curates distinctive itineraries that venture into the lesser-explored realms of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, away from the usual tourist haunts. Embarking on a journey with Lily Cruise promises a pampering experience intertwined with the exploration of Bai Tu Long Bay's hidden charms. Here, guests are treated to the awe-inspiring spectacle of towering limestone formations, pristine beaches, and enigmatic caves, each contributing to an unparalleled tapestry of natural beauty found nowhere else on the planet.

Peony Cruise Junk Halong Bay

Peony Cruise Junk Halong Bay

5.0 Excellent 1 reviews

"We took a cruise as a special treat during our Vietnam trip, and it was awesome! The staff, .." - Laksima S

Hanoi - Tuan Chau - Lan Ha Bay - Tra Bau (Trà Báu) - Trung Trang Cave - Halong Bay



Peony Cruise Halong Bay stands as a pinnacle of luxury amidst the breathtaking beauty of Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature since 2011. As the sister cruise to Mon Cheri Cruises and Lily Cruises, Peony Cruises embarked on its journey through the captivating Ha Long Bay in early 2018 with a singular goal – to craft a unique and unforgettable holiday experience for every passenger.
Distinguishing itself with meticulously designed itineraries, Peony Cruises ventures into the less-explored realms of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, offering an exclusive escape from the typical tourist trails. Immerse yourself in the allure of Lan Ha Bay, where Peony Cruises unveils hidden charms, presenting a panorama of breathtaking scenery featuring colossal limestone formations, pristine beaches, and enigmatic caves, creating a tapestry of wonders found nowhere else on Earth.
Mon Cheri Cruise Junk Halong Bay

Mon Cheri Cruise Junk Halong Bay

5.0 Excellent 1 reviews

"This cruise was amazing! The place is like magic, and the service and the tour group were top-notch. .." - Sophi C

Hanoi - Tuan Chau - Lan Ha Bay - Tra Bau (Trà Báu) - Trung Trang Cave - Halong Bay



Mon Cheri Cruises are two of the fanciest boats you can find in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, showcasing the natural beauty of Vietnam. These boats bring together classy European style and the traditional Vietnamese look, creating a perfect blend of elegance. What makes Mon Chéri Cruises special are the small details, from their stylish design to the fancy restaurant with a carefully crafted menu.

You can enjoy the charm of traditional music while having dinner in the restaurant or relax on the sundeck with a cocktail, savoring the peaceful evening. It's a great way to treat yourself and have a wonderful and smooth journey. Mon Cheri Cruises offer a luxurious experience with a touch of Vietnamese culture, making your time in these beautiful bays truly special.

Orchid Classic Cruise Halong Bay

Orchid Classic Cruise Halong Bay

5.0 Excellent 2 reviews

"Our overnight cruise experience surpassed all expectations. The cabins were not only beautifully .." - Dani C

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Trung Trang Cave - Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island



Experience the epitome of luxury with Orchid Classic Cruise Halong Bay, a distinguished 5-star overnight junk boat that navigates the captivating landscapes of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island. Meticulously designed, this junk seamlessly marries a robust steel exterior with a warm, traditional wooden interior, infused with timeless Asian elements.
Ambassador Cruise Boat Halong Bay

Ambassador Cruise Boat Halong Bay

5.0 Excellent 1 reviews

"A big thank you to Ambassador Cruise Halong for an amazing experience! The rooms were super .." - Kennet J

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Luon Cave - Titop Island - Sung Sot Cave - Hanoi



Ambassador Cruise Halong Bay started in 2018 in beautiful Halong Bay, offering a luxurious overnight cruise experience. Enjoy a peaceful journey with excellent hospitality and fancy amenities surrounded by the stunning views of Halong Bay.

Onboard the Ambassador Cruise Halong Bay, you'll be treated to a wonderful atmosphere featuring a piano bar playing jazz. Renowned chefs prepare a top-quality dinner, making your dining experience extraordinary. The cruise also offers an exciting program, perfect for honeymooners looking for a special getaway. Come aboard the Ambassador Cruise for a relaxing and sophisticated adventure through the enchanting Halong Bay.

Valentine Premium Private Junk Halong 2 Cabins

Valentine Premium Private Junk Halong 2 Cabins

5.0 Excellent 2 reviews

"From the moment we stepped on board our 2-cabin Valentine cruise Halong for a 2-night journey, the .." - Jane D

Hanoi - Tuan Chau Pier - Halong Bay - Valentine Junk - Titov Island - Luon Cave - Surprise Cave - Tuan Chau Pier - Hanoi



The boat, named Valentine Junk Cruise Halong Vietnam, was dedicated to Valentine's Day, designed to offer a romantic and intimate experience to its guests. Its unique feature is the pair of distinctive orange-yellow sails proudly displaying the name "Valentine's Cruise," ensuring it stands out on its sea voyages.

Launched in June 2010, this two-story vessel boasts a compact design with two cabins. While it may not be the largest 5-star Halong cruise, it is perfectly suited for those seeking a cozy and private getaway with their loved ones. Pioneering small-group travel, Valentine is an ideal choice for those who appreciate a more personalized and intimate experience.

Things you should know

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination located in northeastern Vietnam. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, featuring thousands of limestone karsts and islets that rise dramatically from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The bay is dotted with caves, grottoes, and floating fishing villages, creating a picturesque and otherworldly seascape. Halong Bay is a popular destination for cruises, allowing visitors to explore its scenic beauty, enjoy various water activities, and experience the unique culture of the local communities in the surrounding area.

Explore Halong Bay cruise through various options:

- Overnight Cruise (2 days/1 night; 3 days/2 nights):
Typically starts between 12:00 pm and 13:00 pm from various ports.
Concludes around 11:00 - 11:30 on the last day.
Guests return to their Hanoi hotels by 15:30 - 16:00.

- Day Cruises:
Morning: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.
Afternoon: around 12:30 pm - 17:00 pm, with drop-off in Hanoi approximately at 20:00.
Currently, there are approximately 100 Overnight boats, ranging from small traditional wooden junks to large modern iron boats. All ships offer a variety of Deluxe, Superior, and Suite cabins. Additionally, there are small private junks with 1 or 2 cabins, ideal for honeymoons or private cruises. To secure an available cabin, it is advisable to book in advance with Autour Asia.
For transportation, you can easily catch a car or book a private car from Hanoi, Ninh Binh, or Hai Phong to Halong, with a travel time of approximately 2-3 hours.
When preparing for your trip, make sure to pack a swimsuit for activities like swimming and kayaking.

There are many types of boats moored at different docks, licensed to cruise different itineraries as follows:

Halong Bay Classic Cruises (From Tuan Chau)
Lan Ha Bay Cruises (From Tuan Chau)
Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises (From Hon Gai)
Halong Bay Cruises (From Bai Chay)
Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises (From Bai Chay)
Lan Ha Bay Cruises (From Cat Ba)
Luxury Cruises Halong
Private Cruises Halong
Day Cruises Halong

FAQs about Halong Bay Cruises

1. Why choose Halong Bay?
Halong Bay is undoubtedly a must-visit destination, renowned as a world-famous natural heritage site and the premier cruising spot in Vietnam. What makes it worth your while?
Deeper exploration: Cruise through the stunning archipelago of the Gulf of Tonkin for an immersive experience.
Perfect seascape: Spend 2-3 days on a ship, basking in the fresh air and tranquility of the bay.
Exciting activities: Enjoy both onboard (mini golf, poker, pool, spa, karaoke) and offboard activities (kayaking, boat rowing, cave visits, catamaran, etc.).

2. When is the ideal time to visit Halong Bay?
For the best experience, plan your visit to Halong Bay in March-April and October-November, with cool (20-28°C) and dry weather. Other options include:
May-September: Ideal for summer deals with flash sales up to 40% OFF.
January-April: Enjoy Halong festivals and celebrate Tet Holiday onboard.
For precise planning, refer to the Best Time to Visit Halong Bay for Perfect Weather & Great Deals.

What is the cost of a Halong cruise in 2024?
In 2023, the average prices for cruises are approximately:
1 night: $145 - $300/person
2 nights: $290 - $550/person
Day trip: $95 - $130/person
Note: Transfer from Hanoi to Halong is not usually included; extra fees apply if you opt for pick-up from Hanoi.
Prices are per person in USD.
Low season: May - Sep, High season: Jan - Apr & Oct - Dec.

3. One Night or 2 Nights on the Cruise?
The duration of your stay in Halong Bay depends on your budget and time constraints.
1 Night: With a budget starting from $125/person, you can explore 1-2 attractions and participate in activities like tai chi, cooking classes, kayaking, or boat rowing.
2 Nights: Opting for $225/person or more allows you to visit 1-2 additional hidden gems, providing more time for sightseeing and relaxation.
If you're still undecided, feel free to reach out to us at or +84971337708 (WhatsApp).

4. Hanoi to Halong Bay Travel Time ?
By limousine bus or car: Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours (including breaks) from Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong Bay.
From Hanoi airport: About 3 hours of driving to Halong Bay.
Train: Slowest option, taking 7 hours.
Seaplane: Fastest option, with a travel time of 45 minutes.
For more details, refer to the 6 Best Ways to Travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay.
Ninh Binh to Halong : 4 hours by bus or private car.

5. Must-See Places on a Halong Bay Cruise Tour ?
Explore the top attractions on most cruises, ranging from islets, caves, and beaches to fishing villages.
Titop Island: Famous viewpoint with a panoramic bay view and a stunning beach.
Sung Sot Cave: Amazing cave showcasing gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites.
Ba Trai Dao Beach: Beautifully pristine beach for swimming and sunbathing.
Dark & Bright Cave: Top destination for kayaking in Lan Ha Bay.
Thien Canh Son Cave: One of the largest limestone caves in Bai Tu Long.
Vung Vieng Floating Village: Tranquil village known for serene beauty and pearl farming.

6. Where Do Halong Cruises Depart From?
Most cruises depart from two main ports: Tuan Chau Port and Halong International Port (Bai Chay Sungroup Port) around 12:00 - 12:30 pm. Additionally, some cruises may start from Vinashin Port (Hon Gai), Cai Lan, and other ports in Cat Ba Island (Ben Beo Port).

7. Halong Cruise Start/End Times ?
Overnight Cruise (2 days/1 night; 3 days/2 nights): Typically starts between 12:00 pm and 13:00 pm from various ports, concluding around 11:00 - 11:30 on the last day. Guests return to their Hanoi hotels by 15:30 - 16:00.

Day Cruises:
Morning: 9:00 am - 14:00 pm.
Afternoon: around 12:30 pm - 17:00 pm, with drop-off in Hanoi approximately at 20:00.
Note: For same-day flights, opt for a domestic flight after 17:00 or an international flight after 18:00.

8. Swimming in Halong Bay ?
Yes, swimming is allowed in specific areas:
Halong Bay: Swim at Titop Island, a stop for most Halong overnight cruises on the first day.
Lan Ha Bay: Free swimming around the overnight anchor point in Ao Ech and Tra Bau Area.
Bai Tu Long Bay: Swimming is restricted in this area for safety reasons. Wear a life jacket if needed and avoid swimming alone.

9. Cancellation Policy Due to Bad Weather ?
The Management Board has the authority to cancel cruises based on weather predictions for safety. Cancellation policies:
If informed before leaving Hanoi (services not used): 100% refund.
If informed during the trip (some services used): Only the fee for those services will be charged, and the remaining amount refunded.
If the trip is shortened from 3 days/2 nights to 2 days/1 night: Charged as a 2 days/1 night trip, plus fees for used services, with the remaining amount refunded.

10. Important notes:
Cancellation is announced by the Management Board with short notice.
May to July is considered stormy weather; more cancellations may occur.
Contact Us consultants for urgent assistance.

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