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Food Street Vietnam : Exploring Top 10 Best Street Foods In Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is well-known globally for its delicious flavors, use of fresh ingredients, and special cooking methods. Food street Vietnam is also very important culturally and is a key part of the country's food scene. These dishes reflect the vibrant street life and community dining culture of Vietnamese people, when people gather in bustling markets, sidewalks, and eateries to enjoy dishes with diverse flavors. The article below will help you discover the top 10 most delicious street foods in Vietnam!

I. Vietnamese street food culture

Vietnamese street food culture

Street food in Vietnam transcends beyond a mere catalog of traditional Vietnamese dishes peddled on the sidewalks; it embodies an intricate tapestry woven with cultural richness, lifestyle nuances, and the profound emotions and thoughts of the Vietnamese people.
Vietnamese cuisine focuses on the harmony between ingredients to bring a refreshing taste, maintain the natural flavor and is good for health. Within each dish, a symphony of alluring sour, spicy, salty, and sweet notes beckons to visitors, leaving an indelible impression that resonates with many a tourist. This is the reason why Vietnamese street food leaves a huge impression on many tourists.
The renown of Vietnamese street food has surged globally, with iconic delicacies such as pho and banh mi earning their rightful place in the venerable Oxford English Dictionary. he renown of Vietnam street food has surged globally, with iconic delicacies such as pho and banh mi earning their rightful place in the venerable Oxford English Dictionary. In 2012, Food and Wine magazine also voted for the Ho Chi Minh City is one of the cities with many of the world's top delicious street foods.

II. Top 10 best street foods in Vietnam

1. Pho ( Phở )

Pho in Vietnam

Pho is the name that people always think of first when mentioning street food Vietnam. Ubiquitous yet perennially celebrated, this dish consistently garners praise from a multitude of international admirers. Perhaps the allure lies in the fact that anyone who indulges in its flavors experiences an unmistakable blend of deliciousness and comforting warmth, creating a culinary sensation that lingers in the memory long after the last spoonful is savored.
Strolling through any Vietnamese neighborhood, you are bound to come across a bustling scene of individuals leisurely savoring bowls of Pho at various sidewalk stalls. This uncomplicated culinary delight consists of delicate pho noodles, savory broth, aromatic herbs, and tender slices of chicken or beef. The Pho, typically crafted from rice flour, exhibits a delightful soft and chewy texture, harmonizing perfectly with the flavorful combination of salty bone broth, succulent meat, coriander, and bean paste. Pho captivates gastronomes with its broth's enchanting interplay of sweetness, freshness, and nutrition, complemented by the soft and chewy noodles, seamlessly paired with thinly sliced beef or chicken.
Some recommended addresses:
  • Phở Bát Đàn - 49 Bát Đàn Street, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội

  • Phở Lý Quốc Sư - 10 Lý Quốc Sư Street, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội

2. Grilled pork and rice noodles ( Bún Chả )

Grilled pork and rice noodles

Bun Cha is perhaps an incredibly simple dish. This is a rustic and simple dish that has become a unique feature of Vietnam when it brings an extremely impressive flavor. Bun Cha does not only charm the local taste buds. It has also conquered the whole world as an ambassador of Vietnamese cuisine.
Bun Cha is a harmonious marriage of three essential components: dipping sauce, grilled pork rolls and rice vermicelli. A big part of the success of a bun cha plate is the dipping sauce. This one is carefully prepared by skillfully blending sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors. It is made from fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, dosed with precision according to the restaurateur's know-how. In the bowl of dip, there are often thin strips of green papaya and carrots, and in some places, bean sprouts are also added to this divine concoction. Bun Cha is a dish you definitely have to try when exploring Hanoi street food !
Some recommended addresses:

3. Vietnamese bread ( Bánh Mỳ )

Tourists enjoy Vietnamese bread

Vietnamese bread - an unassuming dish that has woven itself deeply into the fabric of Vietnamese culture, emerging as a source of national pride and a hallmark of the exquisite essence of Vietnamese street food . Enduring historical ebbs and flows, Banh Mi Vietnamese food has transcended boundaries, imprinting its indelible legacy on the global culinary map.
The Banh My consists of a crispy and lightly toasted bread, typically filled with savory meats such as grilled pork, marinated chicken, or spicy shrimp. It is then complemented with a variety of fresh vegetables like pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro, and chili peppers. The filling is often accompanied by a delicious sweet and sour sauce made from mayonnaise, pâté, and soy sauce. The careful presentation of the Banh My, with its vibrant colors and perfectly arranged ingredients, makes it a feast for the eyes even before taking a bite. This iconic dish of street food in Vietnam embodies the fusion of flavors, textures, and aromas that characterizes Vietnamese cuisine.
Some recommended addresses:
  • Banh My Hoi An : 98 Hang Bac, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Google Map :

  • Banh My Tram : 30 Dinh Nam, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Google Map :

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4. Vietnamese crispy pancake ( Bánh Xèo )

Vietnamese crispy pancake

Banh Xeo is a culinary delight that shouldn't be missed. This savory Vietnamese pancake is expertly prepared with a crispy rice flour batter that encases a flavorful filling of shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and onions. The pancake is cooked to perfection, achieving a golden brown exterior while maintaining a soft and slightly chewy texture inside.
What sets the Banh Xeo apart is the attention to detail in the accompanying components. The fresh herbs, such as mint and lettuce, add a refreshing and fragrant element to each bite. The sweet and sour dipping sauce provides the perfect balance of flavors, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the dish.
Whether you enjoy it as a main course or share it as an appetizer, the Banh Xeo in Da Nang offers a delightful combination of textures and tastes. The combination of the crispy pancake, succulent fillings, and vibrant herbs creates a satisfying and memorable culinary experience.
Some recommended addresses:
  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong : 23 Hoang Dieu, Binh Hien, Hai Chau, Danang, Vietnam

Google Map :

  • Banh Xeo Co Muoi : Chau Thi Vinh Te, Bac My Phu, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang, Vietnam

Google Map :

5. Vietnamese mini pancake ( Bánh Khọt )

Vietnamese mini pancake

Vietnamese mini pancake is a culinary tradition often lovingly crafted by mothers and grandmothers during holidays, weekends, or family gatherings, has evolved over time into a delectable street food sensation, drawing in tourists from all corners of the country on their gastronomic journeys.

The filling for Vietnamese mini pancake boasts a myriad of ingredients such as squid, scallops, minced meat, and fish cakes, yet the timeless appeal of the traditional version featuring fresh shrimp persists. The meticulously prepared shrimp, peeled, heads removed, and thoroughly washed, can be elevated by incorporating charred shrimp—achieved through careful pounding and low-heat stirring until the shrimp attains a dry, smooth texture, enhancing the dish's allure.
The crafting of Vietnamese mini pancake involves a skilled process where a sizable tray is employed to pour the precisely sized dough into individual round holes. The chef, after evenly oiling the heated cake mold, delicately pours the batter, strategically placing shrimp before baking. This step demands a deft touch to ensure uniform, crispy perfection without breakage or burning. Each golden, round cake is adorned with a freshly peeled shrimp, vibrant in color and generously laden with succulent meat, a true delight for the discerning palate.

6. Fresh Spring Rolls ( Gỏi cuốn )

Fresh Spring Rolls

Opting for these crisp and light spring rolls is a prudent and health-conscious decision, particularly after savoring an abundance of fried delicacies in Vietnam. Comprising translucent wrappers generously filled with vibrant lettuce, a choice cut of meat or seafood, and a delicate layer of coriander, these delectable rolls are meticulously assembled before being expertly rolled and presented for dipping. The final touch involves immersing these delights in Vietnam's beloved condiment – fish sauce, adding a burst of flavor that perfectly complements the refreshing and wholesome essence of the dish.
In particular, spring rolls are also very suitable for receptions, festivals, and parties because they have the advantage of not being greasy, so there is no feeling of boredom, thereby stimulating people's appetite to eat better. Shrimp and meat spring rolls have a combination of many different colors so they are extremely eye-catching. The price for each book is from 5,000 - 10,000 VND.

7. Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste ( Bún đậu mắm tôm )

Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste
Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste stands out as a straightforward yet delectable street food in Vietnam, featuring vermicelli, beans, meat, and intestines as its primary components, complemented by a medley of raw vegetables and shrimp paste on the side. The vermicelli, meticulously cut into coin-style portions, ensures a single-bite delight for diners. shrimp paste , a pivotal element, embodies a delightful hue of purple-pink, emanating a fragrant aroma , enhanced with a hint of kumquats or a touch of vinegar, sugar, and slices of chili.
In the past, bean vermicelli made its humble appearance on simple plastic trays labeled with a summery aesthetic. Over time, the popularity of vermicelli paired with tofu and shrimp paste soared, garnering increased attention and presentation finesse with bamboo dishes artfully lined with banana leaves. The ingredients are thoughtfully arranged in a harmonious composition, culminating in a tantalizing bowl of shrimp paste positioned at the center, inviting diners to savor each element of this culinary masterpiece.

8. Rice paper salad ( Bánh Tráng Trộn )

Rice paper salad in Vietnam

Rice paper salad, while seemingly unassuming, has ascended to the heights of popularity, establishing itself as a renowned street food delicacy in Vietnam. A serving of mixed rice paper comprises delicately cut rice paper fibers intricately blended with the rich essences of cashew oil, shrimp salt, dried beef, dried squid, onion fat, roasted peanuts, fried onions, laksa leaves, and quail eggs. This medley of flavors creates a harmonious tapestry that captivates the taste buds. Remarkably affordable, a packet of mixed rice paper typically costs between 10,000 to 20,000 VND.
Wandering the bustling street food tour Saigon, one cannot help but notice women gracefully bearing ingredients on their shoulders, destined to craft this culinary gem. Beyond its culinary appeal, mixed rice paper has evolved into a quintessential facet of Saigon's vibrant street food culture, underscoring its significance in the gastronomic landscape of the city.

9. Sticky rice ( Xôi )

Fried sticky rice - popular street food in Vietnam
Within the tapestry of food street Vietnam, sticky rice stands as a ubiquitous and cherished dish. Its presence is so deeply ingrained in the culinary fabric that beyond the familiar renditions, each region boasts its own captivating versions, enticing food enthusiasts irresistibly. Stretching beyond being a mere sustenance, sticky rice has transcended to become not only a culinary heritage associated with generations of Vietnamese people but also an iconic representative of Vietnamese street cuisine.
What began as humble preparations of glutinous rice grains has blossomed into a myriad of sticky rice dishes, ranging from the simplicity of traditional offerings to the allure of uniquely crafted variations. This diversity underscores the culinary excellence of each preparation, with every iteration presenting a delicious and distinct charm that captures the essence of Vietnamese gastronomy.

10. Egg coffee ( Cà phê trứng )

Egg coffee in Vietnam

Egg coffee emerges as a culinary gem lauded incessantly by tourists, transcending its beverage classification to serve as a delectable dessert in its own right.
Renowned among foreign visitors, egg coffee becomes a whispered recommendation, a must-try delicacy upon venturing to Hanoi. Impeccably whipped egg whites form a velvety crown, embracing a cup of intensely rich coffee infused with the distinctive flavors emblematic of Vietnamese coffee culture. Nestled in the narrow alleys of Hanoi, egg coffee establishments consistently find themselves teeming with patrons. The tantalizing interplay of aromatic egg yolks and the robust fragrance of coffee fosters an enchanting duet, invoking passion with every sip. In the face of such a tantalizing blend, resistance proves futile.
If you are visiting Vietnam, tasting an egg coffee is an experience not to be missed. It's a delicious foray into Vietnamese coffee culture and an original way to enjoy a hot or cold drink while experiencing the unique flavors of food street Vietnam.
Some recommended addresses:
  • Café Giảng - 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Street, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm Ward, Hà Nội

  • Cafe Đinh - 13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội

Vietnamese street food is truly attractive and has left many memorable memories with international tourists. If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, don't forget to save the 10 best street foods in Vietnam above to explore with your friends every corner of Vietnam's streets. If you want to learn more about Vietnam tourism, don't hesitate to visit our website !


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