In the enchanting maze of the streets of Hue, the cuisine of Hue awaits you, like a gastronomic treasure to be discovered. What to eat in Hue ? It’s much more than a simple question; it’s an invitation to an unparalleled culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the imperial heritage and the subtle flavors that characterize the cuisine of Hue. Each typical dish of Hue is a gustatory poem, skillfully blending local spices, fresh herbs, and secrets passed down from generation to generation. In Hue, each bite tells a story of love for cooking and respect for ancient culinary traditions. Prepare for a feast for the senses, where each meal is a celebration of the art and passion of culinary. Welcome to the exquisite world of Hue cuisine, where every dish is a promise of delight and wonder.
Food & drink in Hue

I. What are the delicious specialties of Hue ?

Welcome to Hue, the imperial city of Vietnam, where each bite is a symphony of flavors. What to eat in Hue ? The picturesque alleys of this ancient Vietnamese capital are filled with culinary treasures that will tantalize your taste buds. Among the typical dishes of Hue, do not miss tasting the famous “bun bo Hue,” a spicy noodle soup with tender beef and fresh herbs, or the delicious “banh khoai,” a crispy pancake filled with shrimp and fresh vegetables. Also, enjoy “banh beo”, small rice cakes topped with dried shrimp and crispy onions, or “com hen”, a rice dish with clams flavored with aromatic herbs. Each typical dish of Hue is a true feast for the senses, a symphony of flavors that transport you into the history and culture of this region. Whether you are a curious tourist or a foodie, these specialties will leave you with unforgettable flavor memories.

a. Main dishes

  • Hue beef noodle soup (Bún Bò Huế) : A typical dish of Hue is a true culinary masterpiece. Its flavor is rich, complex, and stimulating. This comforting soup is known for its balance of spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavors. Its special flavor comes especially from the bones, lemongrass and “mam ruoc” (fermented shrimp sauce). Beef and pork are sliced ​​thinly, served with beef ribs, pork trotters and sometimes even frozen pork blood. Green onions and coriander leaves add a characteristic aromatic touch. Bun Bo Hue is often eaten with fresh vegetables such as banana flowers, jute leaves, Thai basil, bean sprouts, and fresh chili. Fish sauce and lemon are also essential elements. Bun Bo Hue is not just a dish; It is also an element of Hue cuisine, rich in history and culture.
Bun Bo Hue, the most marvelous soup in the world
  • Hue clam rice (Cơm hến Huế) : What to eat in Hue ? Clam rice, a simple but sophisticated dish, symbolizes the soul of this historical land. Before being crowned by kings, “Com hen” was a simple meal, often served during the modest breakfasts of the inhabitants. Today, this dish has conquered three regions of the country, but only in Hue can you truly enjoy the true flavor of this dish. Rice with clams is a subtle mix of cold rice, sautéed clams, aromatic herbs, crunchy peanuts, and a savory sauce. The clams are carefully selected, after being cleaned and cooked until their shells open, they are removed and sautéed with rice vermicelli, bamboo shoots, lean pork, and roasted peanuts. The clam broth flavored with ginger and spices is then poured over the cooled rice, creating the perfect balance of texture and flavor.
  • Spring rolls grilled from Hue (Nem lui) : What to eat in Hue ? Nem lui, one of the iconic culinary specialties of Hue, Vietnam, is a delicate combination of delicious flavor and charming uniqueness. The name “nem lui” is enough to arouse curiosity, taste it and you will understand why it is a typical dish of Hue. Imagine a golden grilled spring roll, served with fresh vegetables, dipped in sauce. Minced pork, thinly sliced ​​pork skin, and lard pearls are carefully marinated, then shaped into long skewers, threaded onto thin bamboo sticks, and then grilled over blazing charcoal fire. The rich, aromatic sauce is the soul of this dish. "Nem lui" is served with rice paper, cucumbers, and fresh herbs dipped in dipping sauce, creating a unique dish only found in Hue.

What to eat in Hue ? Nem lui, a culinary specialty of Hue

b. Rice cakes

  • The Vietnamese Crepe from Hue - Banh khoai : “Banh khoai” is a subtle fusion of tradition and creativity. It consists of a thin, crispy shell surrounding the flavors of rice, shrimp, meat and bean sprouts. More than just a simple dish, this Vietnamese crepe is also an indispensable element of Hue cuisine, where history and culture blend harmoniously. The filling, whether shrimp or meat, is carefully prepared, providing a special and unforgettable flavor. “Banh khoai” often comes with a thick sauce made from flour, pork, liver, sesame and roasted peanuts. Fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, green banana, and red chili, are the perfect companions for this dish.
  • Vietnamese Steam Rice Cakes - Banh beo Hue : What to eat in Hue ? “Banh beo hue,” known by the exquisite name of “the steamed rice cake with shrimp from Hue,” is a traditional dish from the central region of Vietnam that has once captivated many gourmets. These small, white, and delicate cakes, shaped like water lily leaves, have become an essential element of the culinary culture of the inhabitants of Hue. The “banh beo” are made from rice flour, with a pearly white color, and have a very attractive round shape. At the heart of these small cakes is a filling of red or golden shrimp, topped with a layer of green onion fat. When you taste the “banh beo Hue,” you will feel the softness of the cake combined with the sweet, salty, delicious taste of shrimp, all enhanced by spicy fish sauce. Just one bite of these cakes and you will remember it for a long time. This typical dish of Hue cuisine is a must-try for lovers of local cuisine.

Hue Steamed Rice Cakes
  • Vietnamese Tapioca Dumpling - Banh bot loc : Vietnamese tapioca dumplings with shrimp and pork (banh bot loc), a characteristic of Hue cuisine in Vietnam, is not only a dish but also a work of art full of creativity. Made from tapioca flour, these Vietnamese dumplings are typically filled with shrimp and pork, creating a distinctive and memorable flavor. Their thin and translucent wrapper makes them irresistible with every bite. The delicate combination of ingredients and refined cooking technique make these “Vietnamese tapioca dumplings” a unique culinary experience.

II. Typical drinks in Hue

  • Hue Royal Tea : Hue royal tea, a cultural and historical symbol of Hue, is no longer reserved only for kings and high-ranking officials but has become a familiar drink for everyone. The characteristic taste of Hue royal tea results from a subtle blend of 16 different types of herbs. It’s the harmony between the sweetness of licorice, Chinese apple, and sweet grass, the bitterness of lotus and bitter herbs, combined with the fragrances of jasmine, lotus flower, and artichoke… When you taste it, you will feel the aroma of natural sweetness, a refreshing note rather than the bitterness of a simple tea. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient royal courts with Hue royal tea and discover an unforgettable culinary experience that captures the beauty of Hue cuisine.

Hue Royal Tea – The ethereal drink of the ancient capital

  • Salted coffee in Hue : Hue, the imperial city of Vietnam, is famous not only for its ancient architecture and gentle nature but also for its delicious dishes. Among them, salted coffee (café muối) is a typical and unique dish of Hue that you must definitely try. In a cup of salted coffee, you will feel the blend of sweetness of milk and the characteristic aroma of coffee, all enhanced by the slight saltiness of the sea. Salted coffee often comes with soft bread, making for an enjoyable breakfast or afternoon snack. It's not just a drink, but also a unique experience that transports you to the aromas of the Hue region.

III. Where to eat in Hue ?

1. Street restaurant in Hue

Hue, the city of unique street foods, is an unmissable destination for food lovers. Where to eat in Hue ? Here, you will discover the rich flavors of traditional Hue cuisine. Imagine you are in the middle of the small streets of Hue, where the aroma of "bún bò Huế" and "bánh khoái" envelops you. You will see vendors preparing crispy "bánh xèo" or stalls grilling fragrant "nem lụi". From small roadside eateries to hidden corners in alleys, you can enjoy delicious dishes, the perfect combination of tradition and creativity. Hue is not only a historical destination, but also a place where you can fully appreciate the authentic flavors of Vietnam.

Street food in Hue resembles an enchanting “food maze”

2. Typical restaurant in Hue

Hue, the land of unique dishes and refined gastronomy, in the typical restaurants of this city, you can admire the magnificent scenery of the ancient town and feel the delicacy of each dish presented on the table. From fresh salads like the famous spring rolls to steamed delights like "banh beo" and "banh khoai", each dish is a work of art from the cuisine of Hue. But that's not all; you will also enjoy authentic Central Vietnamese dishes, with sour, spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, fragrant, and tender flavors. Under the sparkling lights, with soft music in the background, savoring Hue cuisine in these traditional restaurants becomes even more romantic and unique. It’s an experience you can’t miss during your visit to this enchanting city.

Where to eat in Hue? The best restaurants in Hue

For more information about the restaurants in Hue, please refer to our dedicated article : Discover 10 restaurants in Hue Vietnam

IV. Conclusion about food & drink in Hue

Right in the heart of the beautiful city of Hue, every street corner echoes the interesting question: What to eat in Hue ? This historic city, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, offers an unparalleled culinary experience. As you explore its picturesque alleys, you are invited to discover the hidden treasures of Hue cuisine, with its rich and varied flavors that capture the very essence of Vietnamese culture. But where to eat in Hue to truly savor this renowned cuisine? Look no further, because every establishment, from modest street stalls to charming cafés, offers a tempting array of typical Hue dishes. The narrow alleys come alive, and every street corner reveals a culinary treasure. Let yourself be seduced by the delights of this traditional cuisine and dive into the infinite universe of exquisite flavors that define the very soul of Hue.

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