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Discover Vietnamese Fermented Pork Roll: Top Best Spicy Dishes In The World

If you're keen to dive into Vietnam's amazing food scene, you've got to try Nem Chua. Nem Chua or fermented pork roll is a must-try food for those exploring Vietnamese food culture. The renowned traditional Vietnamese dish, fermented pork roll, has caught the interest of tourists from Vietnam and around the world. It's recognized as one of the best spicy dishes in the world. Find out what makes this traditional Vietnamese food special in this article with Autour Asia.

I. What makes Vietnamese fermented pork roll special ?

Nem chua ( Vietnamese fermented pork roll)
Fermented pork roll, also known as nem chua, is a special treat you must try when visiting Vietnam. This dish is bursting with flavors, mixing sweet, spicy, and sour tastes all in one bite. If you want to explore Vietnam's lively food scene, nem chua is a must-try dish that you can't pass up.
Recently, Taste Atlas, a globally recognized food website, revealed its selection of the 52 best spicy dishes worldwide. These were chosen by a mix of experts and diners, considering factors like fame, local significance, unique flavor, and popularity. This list offers suggestions for travelers passionate about food to sample during their upcoming journeys. Nem chua, a traditional Vietnamese food, secured the 50th position, representing Vietnam as the sole culinary entry. Taste Atlas experts hailed nem chua as an authentic representation of Vietnam's culinary heritage.
Vietnamese fermented pork roll - top best spicy dishes
What makes Vietnamese fermented pork roll special? It's a well-known traditional dish made from fresh pork mixed with spices, then wrapped in banana leaves. During fermentation, the pork absorbs flavors, resulting in a delightful mix of sweet, sour, and spicy tastes. This specialty is found across Vietnam, with each region offering its own distinct version.

II. How to make Nem Chua?

1. Nem chua ingredients

Nem chua ingredients
Nem chua (vietnamese fermented pork roll ) primarily features pork, typically sourced from pork thigh, complemented by pork rind. The essential spices include pepper, garlic, salt, and chili, lending the dish its signature flavors. In certain regions, aromatic leaves like ming aralia or fig leaves are incorporated to elevate the taste profile further. To facilitate the fermentation process, the pork mixture is carefully enveloped in banana leaves, enhancing its texture and imparting a subtle earthy aroma.

2. Traditional nem chua recipe

Traditional nem chua recipe
Creating fermented pork rolls is a careful process. Pork from the thigh is finely chopped and mixed with spices like salt, pepper, sugar, and garlic. This mix is then wrapped in intestines, often with guava, fig, or banana leaves, and left to ferment for 3-5 days. The result? A juicy pork roll, perfect for eating as is or grilling over a fire.
People usually enjoy nem chua raw or with chili sauce to savor the blend of spices and sourness. Some like it with alcohol for its unique taste. You can also try frying or grilling nem chua, a favorite snack among young people in Vietnam.
In Vietnam, nem chua is commonly enjoyed at "Bia Hoi" establishments, which are local beer joints serving fresh, draft beer at very affordable prices. Nem chua pairs wonderfully with the light, crisp beer, providing a perfect balance of flavors.

III. Famous kinds of nem chua in Vietnam

Famous kinds of nem chua in Vietnam
In Vietnam, you can find various types of vietnamese fermented pork roll, each with its own unique flavors and characteristics, distinguished by their names which are based on their places of origin. Here are some of the best types that you should not miss when traveling in Vietnam.

1. Nem chua Thanh Hoa

Nem chua Thanh Hoa
Nem chua Thanh Hoa, a famous specialty of Thanh Hoa province, is renowned for its unique flavor that distinguishes itself from other types of fermented pork roll. It is also a common dish among many locals' daily meals, and a well-known Northern Vietnamese food to tourists. Made of pork with chili and garlic, what sets nem chua Thanh Hoa apart is the use of ming aralia leaves, which creates a distinct taste. If you visit Thanh Hoa, this is a highly recommended gift for your friends and families.

2. Nem chua Lai Vung - Dong Thap province

Nem chua Lai Vung - Dong Thap province
Dong Thap - a province in the Mekong Delta, is a famous place for countless specialties, such as shrimp puffed cakes from Sa Giang, hu tieu noodles from Sa Dec, sizzling cake from Cao Lanh... but perhaps the most famous one here is still nem chua Lai Vung Dong Thap (fermented pork roll Dong Thap).
When visiting Lai Vung district in Dong Thap province, make sure to taste their famous Vietnamese fermented pork roll. This recipe has been cherished for generations and is a source of pride for locals. With its vibrant red-rose color, nem chua Lai Vung delivers a delightful blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. This vietnamese food is a key attraction for tourists exploring Southern Vietnam in Dong Thap.

3. Nem chua Hue

Nem Chua Hue
Hue is not only famous for its scenic spots rich in historical significance, but it also boasts an extremely rich and diverse culinary tradition with many delicious dishes. While not considered a rare delicacy, fermented pork rolls (nem chua) are quite common and can be prepared in various ways. Among these, Hue's nem chua stands out as a specialty that is extremely popular with both domestic and foreign tourists.
Like the people of Hue, Hue's fermented pork roll (nem chua) possesses a refined and elegant flavor. The fresh, sour taste of naturally fermented meat combines with the spicy aroma of chili and garlic and the sweet, chewy texture of pork skin. Together, these elements create the distinctive rich flavor of this Hue specialty.

4. Nem chua Cho Huyen – Binh Dinh province

Nem chua Cho Huyen – Binh Dinh province
Nem Chua Cho Huyen from Binh Dinh Province is a standout traditional Vietnamese food in central Vietnam. This specialty features finely minced lean pork and pigskin, seasoned with garlic, chili, and other spices, wrapped in guava leaves. Its unique texture is soft yet crunchy, with a tangy flavor enhanced by the guava leaves.
After fermentation, the pink nem chua emits an enticing aroma and offers a complex flavor profile. Popular at dinner gatherings or as a snack, Nem Chua Cho Huyen is a must-try for visitors to Binh Dinh province.
In summary, Vietnamese fermented pork roll, or nem chua, is a delicious and popular dish that represents Vietnam's rich food culture. Made with simple ingredients like pork, garlic, and chili, and fermented to perfection, nem chua offers a unique blend of flavors that everyone can enjoy. Whether as a snack or part of a meal, nem chua is loved by locals and visitors alike, showcasing the diverse and vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.
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