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Discover Lung Khuy Cave: A Magnificent And Mysterious Cave In Ha Giang

Lung Khuy - The gorgeous cave in Ha Giang

Famous as the most beautiful cave in Ha Giang, Lung Khuy Cave is a natural gem nestled in the heart of the majestic mountains. It boasts a magnificent system of colorful stalactites and imposing stalagmites that create a breathtaking visual spectacle. Its vast area offers a sense of grandeur and splendor as you delve deeper inside. Explore this hidden treasure in Ha Giang and let yourself be transported by the magic of Lung Khuy Cave in the article below.

I. Introduction of Lung Khuy Cave

  • Location: Lung Khuy Village, Quan Ba Commune, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Entrance fee: 50,000 VND/person
Lung Khuy Cave (Vietnamese name: Lùng Khúy) is located in Quan Ba District, Ha Giang, home to some of the best natural sites such as the Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, and Nho Que River. Lung Khuy Cave is famous for its wild and majestic natural beauty, earning it the title of "the most beautiful cave" on the Ha Giang karst plateau.
Discovered in 2015, Lung Khuy Cave has quickly become a source of pride for Ha Giang tourism and an attractive destination for many visitors exploring the Ha Giang Loop.
Stalactites are a unique beauty of Lung Khuy cave

After being developed as a tourist site, the entrance to Lung Khuy Cave has been widened, signs have been installed, and paths as well as a lighting system have been set up inside to welcome visitors. However, the cave still retains its wild appearance to this day.

Geological studies show that the cave was formed over 400 million years ago from the development of limestone mountains over an ancient sea. This is why, with its mysterious beauty of stalactites and stalagmites formed over hundreds of millions of years, Lung Khuy Cave is truly a work of natural art in Ha Giang.

The journey to Lung Khuy Cave is not only an exploration of the cave but also an opportunity to admire the small houses of the Hmong ethnic group clinging to the mountainsides, creating an impressive landscape in the heart of majestic nature.

II. Mysterious history of Lung Khuy Cave

The cave is named after the village of Lung Khuy, inhabited by the Hmong people at the foot of the mountain. Thus, the cave has a close connection with the local inhabitants, particularly in their spiritual life, which is especially important to the Hmong. This is why the villagers pay so much attention to preserving this cave.

Lung Khuy Cave is a spiritual place in Ha Giang

Additionally, during your visit to Lung Khuy Cave, you will surely hear the story associated with it. According to legend, in the past, due to a severe drought on the karst plateau of Ha Giang, all life came to a halt, and famine struck.

Thus, the life of the Hmong people was very difficult, and they tried to climb to the top of the mountain to implore for rain. God heard their prayers and granted them a stream that flowed to a magical well located in the cave. A divine dragon was sent to earth to watch over this well. This is why the cave is called Lung Khuy, which means "Dragon in the rocky crevice".

III. How to get to Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang?

From the city center of Ha Giang, you need to travel about 50 km along the Happiness Road, also known as National Route 4C, to reach Quan Ba district. Then, turn towards the town of Tam Son.

From there, drive another 8 km and then walk approximately 2 km on a mountain trail to reach the entrance of Lung Khuy Cave. The entrance to the cave is quite small and can be difficult to spot, so careful observation is necessary to find the access path.
The entrance to Lung Khuy Cave is quite hidden

On clear days, from the cave's entrance, you can observe the entire region of Can Ty commune in Quan Ba district. Additionally, inside Lung Khuy Cave, there are several other passages that form a mysterious system waiting to be discovered.

IV. Why does Lung Khuy Cave attract so many tourists?

1. Large-scale cave system

Lung Khuy Cave extends for about 1,000 meters in length, with an interior width reaching nearly 200 meters and a fairly high ceiling. From the outside, you can admire a system of raw stalactites and rock columns in a dark yellow tone. As you enter Lung Khuy Cave, you will be amazed by a world of stalactite formations in endless shapes.
The Lung Khuy Cave is very spacious, making it ideal for tourists to explore

2. Colorful stalactites with various shapes

Inside Lung Khuy Cave, there are groups of stalactites, as well as individual stalactites of different shapes, such as towers, flowers, or lion heads. Most of the rock formations have a brilliant golden color, while others are white. The stalactites in Lung Khuy are abundant and densely concentrated, creating picturesque landscapes.
Different forms of stalactites can be found in the cave

3. Mysterious atmosphere in the cave

Inside the Lung Khuy cave, there are several holes and water pools. While exploring the cave, you will hear the sound of water regularly dripping from the stalactites, blending with the fresh, humid air. You will find yourself immersed in an underground world, separated from the outside world by its unique features.
The path inside is carefully constructed, making it easier for visitors to explore the hidden corners of the cave

Movement within the cave is facilitated by a system of sturdy paths built with strong metal frames. Multicolored lights allow you to easily observe the stalactite and stalagmite formations, which appear even more wonderful. The 5 km path connecting the center of Quan Ba to Lung Khuy Cave is paved to facilitate visitors' exploration of this cave.

V. Some tips for visiting the cave in Ha Giang

Exploring Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang will certainly provide you with unforgettable experiences during your trip. To ensure a complete exploration of Lung Khuy Cave, here are some travel tips:

  • Wear flat-soled shoes, preferably lightweight sports shoes, as the path to the cave requires walking.

  • Dress comfortably and lightly to facilitate the visit.

  • Bring water and snacks to maintain energy levels during cave exploration.

  • Carry a camera, fully charged phone, and a backup battery to capture beautiful photos.

  • Pay attention to signs and observe carefully to locate Lung Khuy Cave, as it is situated in a rather discreet location.

Please note these tips to make your trip to Lung Khuy memorable

With its mysterious beauty, Lung Khuy Cave is regarded as the most beautiful in Ha Giang. Don't miss this destination during your exploration of Ha Giang in northern Vietnam. For assistance in planning your trip to Ha Giang and other famous sites in Vietnam, please contact Autour Asia, your Vietnam travel company.



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