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Explore Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraces Of Phung Village Ha Giang, Vietnam

Phung village is a commune in Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang is a mesmerizing commune awaiting exploration. Embarking on this journey, one delves not only into a natural canvas akin to a mystical fairyland but also unearths the rich tapestry of culture and lifestyle flourishing among the La Chi ethnic minorities. Let's explore more about the beauty of Phung village - Hoang Su Phi Vietnam with Autour Asia!

I. Phung village - The heart of Hoang Su Phi

1. Hoang Su Phi - The pride of Ha Giang people

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang
Nestled in the western expanse of Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi Vietnam reveals a landscape dominated by rugged mountains that stand sentinel along the Chay river. Within this terrain resides a predominantly ethnic minority community, with the La Chi people likely comprising the largest demographic. Here, amidst these picturesque surroundings, the inhabitants embody a harmonious, industrious, and unassuming way of life. Their days are steeped in a rhythm of tending to the fields, while weekends usher in bustling markets where they converge to trade and barter the fruits of their labor.
Journeying to Hoang Su Phi presents a picturesque escapade where travelers traverse unpaved paths, serenaded by the gentle rustle of leaves harmonizing with the whispers of the wind. Enchanting vistas unfurl before their eyes, revealing expansive, emerald-hued terraced fields cascading along the mountain slopes. Amidst this symphony of nature, the melody of birdsong interweaves with the soothing murmurs of flowing streams, instilling a serene tranquility within. Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang is a realm adorned with terraced landscapes stretching endlessly towards the horizon, encompassing 23 distinct communes. Among these, Phung village emerges as a sanctuary of unparalleled poetic allure and captivating beauty, beckoning travelers to immerse themselves in its charm.

2. Phung village - A destination not to be missed when coming to Hoang Su Phi

Phung village  - a destination not to be missed when coming to Hoang Su Phi
Among the illustrious locales within Hoang Su Phi - Ban Luoc, Nam Tay, or Thong Nguyen - Phung village stands distinct and unforgettable. Its name, however, isn't happenstance. Within "Phung Phang," 'Phung' signifies a meeting. Consequently, Phung village is where the convergence of heaven and earth transpires, a junction where visitors encounter the majestic embrace of nature and the vibrant local community. This intersection often marks the genesis of enduring relationships among the locals, imbuing the area with its apt moniker, Ban Phung - a testament to the harmonious confluence of nature and human connections in this resplendent land.
Encompassing an expanse of approximately 17.04 square kilometers, this terrain is predominantly adorned by sprawling terraced fields, meticulously cultivated and seemingly arranged in a harmonious chaos. However, within this seemingly unordered tapestry, a breathtaking spectacle emerges during the ripe rice season. As these terraces intermingle, they weave a mesmerizing mosaic of colors and patterns, offering an awe-inspiring vista that epitomizes natural beauty at its peak.

II. Phung village - Hoang Su Phi is poetic in the ripe rice season

1. When is the best time to go to Phung village ?

Phung village Ha Giang assumes its most poetic and resplendent form during the enchanting ripe rice season. It's a period when the entire village is drenched in a golden Hue, intensified by the radiant highland sunlight, creating an even more vibrant and colorful spectacle. The valley transforms into a shimmering panorama adorned with the hues of prosperity, a visual ode to the local community's bountiful harvest. Yet, it's essential not to equate the rice season in Ha Giang with that of Phung village ! Here, the rice ripens earlier each year than in neighboring regions, showcasing a unique and distinct rhythm of nature in this picturesque corner.
To witness the golden splendor of ripe rice fields before harvest, plan your visit between early to mid-September. Arriving during this window ensures a breathtaking view of the unharvested fields adorned in shimmering gold. However, arriving too late might present a less picturesque sight, as the fields will have been harvested, leaving behind a somber expanse of dark, muddy terrain devoid of the earlier allure. Furthermore, it's prudent to avoid visiting during the rainy season months. The roads become treacherously slippery, hindering passage, while the heightened risk of falling rocks along the pass amplifies the dangers of travel, making it an exceedingly hazardous endeavor.

2. How to get to Phung village- Hoang Su Phi ?

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces attained national monument status back in 1993. Despite this prestigious recognition, the region grapples with various challenges, including rugged terrain and remote accessibility, hindering the widespread development of tourism compared to other more accessible locales. Travelers embarking on this journey navigate through winding slopes and perilous turns, a testament to the arduous path leading to this breathtaking destination. Consequently, a local saying echoes the difficulty of the journey: "First Su Phi, second Bac Me," highlighting the formidable nature of reaching Hoang Su Phi.
So how to get to Hoang Su Phi ? Journeying from the Tuyen Quang direction, approximately 50 kilometers along Highway 2 in Ha Giang, travelers encounter the Tan Quang intersection nestled within Bac Quang district. Here, a left turn leads towards Hoang Su Phi, while continuing straight leads to Ha Giang city. Upon veering left, the scenic route unravels, revealing terraced fields emerging amidst the morning mist - an unmistakable sign of entering the Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen region! Progressing further, the path leads to the Ban Peo area, marked by indicators denoting national historical relics, each with its distinct numbers. Despite the considerable distance, the captivating surroundings effortlessly overshadow the challenges and weariness of the journey, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience.

3. Admire the natural scenery in Phung village Ha Giang

The crowning jewel of Phung village in Ha Giang lies undoubtedly in its terraced fields during the ripe rice season. During this period, the entire valley's canvas is adorned with the radiant golden hue of ripened rice, painting the sky in a mesmerizing yellow. Timing is key, and if fortunate or well-prepared, one might witness the rice at its ripest, untouched before harvest.
From an elevated vantage point, a vivid natural tapestry unfolds: terraced fields peeking amidst wisps of pale clouds, offering glimpses of wooden rooftops dotting the landscape. As anticipated, these terraced fields stand proudly as a national heritage site within Hoang Su Phi, a testament to the La Chi people's ingenuity. Along roads boasting picturesque vistas such as Ban Peo, Ban Luoc, Ta Su Choong, and Nhung village, locals construct small huts, inviting visitors to relish the panoramic views completely free of charge.
Admire the natural scenery in Phung village
In contrast to the gentle, romantic allure of terraced fields in places like Mu Cang Chai and Y Ty, Phung village Ha Giang boasts an air of antiquity and grandeur. Perched atop a lofty mountain, it features unique stilt houses peppered across its terrain, lending it an aura of historical significance.
For those seeking to chase clouds, Phung village might not rank as the prime choice. The clouds here don't gather as thickly as they do in Ta Xua or Y Ty; instead, they drape the landscape like a delicate, ethereal veil. Yet, when these wisps of clouds cloak the mountains, they bestow upon Phung village a mysterious beauty, particularly in the serene moments of early morning before the harsh sunlight pierces through.

III. Explore cuisine in Phung village - Hoang Su Phi

Specialties of Phung village in  Ha Giang
As you venture into Phung vilage , take a moment to relish not just the sights and activities but also the exceptional culinary offerings that await your palate. Delight in a repertoire of unforgettable dishes, including the aromatic blue rice complemented by sesame salt, the succulent flavors of field carp, the sumptuousness of Hoang Su Phi sticky rice, and even the intriguing taste of rat meat.
While some may find these dishes unconventional, the culinary finesse of the Northeastern chefs ensures an exquisite culinary experience. And do not miss the opportunity to savor the renowned Shan Tuyet tea, a distinguished specialty revered in the heartlands of Hoang Su Phi.
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Autour Asia has meticulously provided you with comprehensive insights into Phung village , Hoang Su Phi - an exceptional destination that deserves inclusion in your itinerary while exploring Ha Giang. Rest assured, the serene and poetic allure of its terraced fields promises an experience that will surpass your expectations.


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