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Discover The Authentic Beauty Of Thon Tha Village In Ha Giang, Vietnam

Nestled just 5 kilometers along the path leading from the heart of Ha Giang city towards the Thanh Thuy International Border Gate lies Tha village, situated within the Phuong Do commune. Here, a tapestry of tradition and untouched allure unfolds in a breathtaking display. Home to the Tay ethnic group, Tha village exudes a serene tranquility amidst the picturesque landscape. Rustic stilt houses stand tall, casting their shadows upon vibrant rice fields and verdant palm-covered hills. This idyllic panorama, steeped in its rich cultural heritage, undoubtedly captivates the wandering souls of travelers who set foot in Thon Tha village.

The peaceful beauty of Thon Tha village  in Ha Giang
Upon crossing the threshold of Tha village's Cultural and Tourism Village nestled along the National Highway 2, visitors are welcomed into an expansive realm, where bamboo groves sway in a melodious cadence and sprawling emerald rice fields paint a picture of sheer magnificence. Mere kilometers away from the city center, this destination resembles an enchanted realm - a haven absent of clamor, dust, bustling traffic, or towering edifices tightly clustered together. Meandering through the village's pathways, inhaling the crisp air, and catching the lingering fragrance of nascent saplings carried by the breeze, visitors are enveloped in the veiled enchantment that defines this Tay village's essence.
Cultural beauty of the Tay ethnic group living in Thon Tha village
Beyond its picturesque landscapes, Thon Tha village Vietnam beckons travelers with its resolutely preserved traditional culture -a treasure cherished deeply by its inhabitants. Among its highlights stand the remarkable stilt houses, their sturdy frames nestled against the mountainside. Over a hundred of these houses dot the landscape, each a repository of distinctive cultural significance.
Crafted from durable timber, these abodes boast expansive interiors meticulously divided into compartments, each serving a distinct purpose. The primary area hosts the revered ancestral altar, while adjacent spaces accommodate daily living needs and ornamental displays. Adorned with palm leaf thatched floors, these dwellings not only foster an airy and inviting atmosphere but also exude an enchanting charm. The warmth suffused with the aroma of kitchen hearths invokes a sense of nostalgia among Tay individuals dwelling far from their native abodes, as well as among travelers who've graced Thon Tha village with their presence in the past.
Stilt houses in Tha village in ha giang
Amidst the iconic stilt houses, the villagers ardently uphold the art of traditional brocade weaving, fashioning an array of items - from bags to towels and garments - tailored for tourism. Today, wandering through Thon Tha village Ha Giang unveils a timeless scene: grandmothers, mothers, and sisters poised beside looms, deftly guiding shuttles to weave intricate motifs onto indigo-hued brocade. As recounted by Tha village's elders, embroidery and sewing stand as paramount benchmarks, reflecting the quality, ethics, finesse, and industrious spirit of Tay girls.
Consequently, from tender ages, girls accompany their mothers to cultivate cotton fields, learning the meticulous craft of spinning fibers, weaving fabrics, and embroidering motifs. During moments of respite, village women diligently prepare cotton, indigo, and looms, fashioning traditional attire and an array of tourism-centric items - from mosquito nets, duvet covers, and curtains to baby carriers, bags, and canvas shoes. Adorned with exquisite and intricate patterns, these embroidered treasures have emerged as distinctive and sought-after artifacts for tourists, emblematic of the village's rich cultural heritage.
Specialties of Thon Tha  village in Ha Giang
Within the cultural tapestry of Tha village's community tourism, culinary delights stand as exquisite expressions of its cultural richness. Stepping into the charming stilt houses, visitors are greeted with an array of specialty dishes: sizzling black pork on the stove, savory meat infused with fish sauce, the tang of fish cooked alongside sour bamboo shoots, tender shredded hill chicken, aromatic bamboo tube rice, and sumptuous sticky rice - each a vibrant hue in a gastronomic palette. The tantalizing flavors of these dishes derive from a harmonious blend of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise, intermingled with the fragrant bay leaves of a fiery cup of spicy wine crackling beside a comforting hearth, offering an irresistible allure. Such culinary delights are typically savored amidst communal meals, weaving an integral thread in the fabric of Vietnam Ha Giang village.
The serene and bucolic charm that envelops Thon Tha village, coupled with the genuine warmth, hospitality, and distinctive cultural essence of the Tay community, undoubtedly etches an indelible impression in the hearts of travelers embarking on their exploratory odyssey through this sacred terrain, atop the pinnacle of their homeland.


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