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Top 07 Best Local Street Food In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Most tourists on a Cambodia tour often come to Siem Reap to admire the magnificent Angkor temples. However, besides the sightseeing purpose, exploring top 07 best local street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia is an unmissable experience. In Siem Reap, there are dishes that, once tasted, become addictive and unforgettable.

Best local street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia

1. Fish Amok

"Food tours Siem Reap" offer a delightful opportunity to explore the rich culinary culture of Cambodia. In the vibrant tapestry of Cambodian cuisine, one cannot miss the opportunity to discover the Essence of Cambodian Cuisine - Fish Amok. Amok holds a significant position, carrying the distinctive flavors of the land of temples. Cambodian cuisine is not overly elaborate, but each dish reflects the characteristic traits of the Khmer people. The dish originated from the vast Tonle Sap region. Travelers visiting Siem Reap will find it easy to savor this dish, as virtually every restaurant includes it on their menu. Amok is prepared with palm sugar, coconut milk, fermented fish paste (mam prohok), and is typically wrapped in banana leaves. Common variations of Amok include chicken amok and steamed fish amok, with the latter being more popular.

Fish Amok - one of the best best food in siem reap

Especially noteworthy is the decisive flavor of this Amok dish, attributed to the unique Kroeung mixture. This is a special sauce in Cambodia made from turmeric, lime, purple shallots, and various other characteristic spices of Cambodian cuisine. Therefore, the taste of this best local street food in Siem Reap Amok fish dish is undoubtedly more distinctive and delicious than any other fish dishes you have ever tried.

Fish Amok

2. Num Pang

Num Pang

When it comes to best food in Siem Reap, Num Pang is a must-try. This dish has its origins from the French colonial era under the Khmer influence and is highly popular in Cambodia. Num Pang may resemble the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, but the filling inside offers a completely different taste. The dish is made from simple ingredients such as shredded green papaya, sauce, butter, pate, vegetables, meat, chili sauce, and more. Everything is kept separately on a tray along with the crispy bread. When a customer orders, the vendor skillfully assembles it, ensuring the freshest and most delicious flavors.

Cambodian Sandwich - Num Pang

3. Nom banh chok

Nom banh chok is a noodle dish commonly served for breakfast or as a light afternoon snack. The fermented rice noodles are handcrafted in a mortar, soaking in a sauce made with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, turmeric, and sweet fish broth simmered for hours in coconut milk. Subsequently, the dish is topped with a variety of fresh vegetables such as banana blossoms, cucumbers, morning glory, and aromatic herbs like mint and basil.

Nom Banh Chok

Nom Banh Chok, a well-known dish, one of the best local street food in Siem Reap, is a common sight at mobile stalls along the streets of Cambodia. Since ancient times, the Khmer people have known how to skillfully prepare delicious rice noodles and were the pioneers in creating this dish. Nowadays, all related dishes in Cambodian cuisine, including pho and noodles, trace their origins back to Nom Banh Chok.

4. Lort Cha (Pin Noodles)

Amidst the array of choices, Lort cha emerges as a standout, representing one of Siem Reap local food. This delectable stir-fried delicacy is expertly crafted from egg noodles, beansprouts, Chinese broccoli, and chives, typically cooked with beef and crowned with a fried egg. The dish comes accompanied by a sweet and spicy red sauce, and for those inclined towards a spicier experience, the option to add red chili is always at hand. Indulging in Siem Reap local food, especially the enticing Lort cha, promises a culinary adventure that captures the essence of Cambodian gastronomy.

Lort Cha

When you're in Cambodia, you can find lort cha on the streets or at markets in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Look for stalls with big frying pans. It's a yummy dish with lots of veggies and meat – best local street food in Siem Reap, a must-try in Cambodia!

Local food in Siem Reap - Lort Cha

5. Kuy teav

Kuy teav is a common street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia, especially in the morning. It's a dish with pork or beef bones and rice noodles. Once the noodles are cooked and bathed in tasty broth, they're topped with dry shallots, garlic, bean sprouts, green onions, and fresh herbs. Enjoy it with chili sauce, lime, and hoisin sauce.

Kuy Teav

Kuy Teav is one of the best local street food in Siem Reap, well-loved not only in the land of temples but also highly appreciated in Thailand and Vietnam. Kuy Teav is a distinctive combination of beef or pork with chives, bean sprouts, green onions, and rice noodles.

6. Bai sach chrouk

Bai sach chrouk stands out as a classic pork and rice dish commonly found at street corners throughout Cambodia during the early morning hours. This traditional meal features white rice paired with thinly sliced pork, marinated in either coconut milk or garlic, and grilled over charcoal. Served alongside is a bowl of chicken broth with fried shallots, a small serving of fresh cucumber, and pickled red radish with ginger.

Bai sach chrouk

Exploring the rich tapestry of local food in Siem Reap unveils a culinary landscape where each dish tells a unique story. The charm of this dish lies in the perfectly grilled pork. The meat is expertly cooked to retain juiciness without drying out. However, there's no one-size-fits-all recipe for bai sach chrouk; it varies based on individual preferences, resulting in numerous delightful versions.

7. Lap Khmer

Lap Khmer, also known as Khmer beef salad, is a dish that combines various ingredients to create attractive colors and distinct flavors from each type of seasoning. They blend harmoniously to stimulate the taste buds of diners from the very beginning.

Lap Khmer

The main components of this enticing dish are thinly sliced beef pieces combined with salad. The beef is either lightly steamed or grilled over a flame, depending on the regional variation, adding diversity to the same dish. However, the amount of beef is less than the mixed salad. The salad carries a wonderful flavor profile as it is "dressed" with fish sauce, lemongrass, lime juice, herbs, mint, and chili. Additionally, various vegetables such as green beans, dried shallots, and tomatoes are used. All these essential flavors come together to create the essence of Khmer beef salad.

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Here you have a list of the best local street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia to consider. Jot down your favorites for an enjoyable experience on your upcoming trip. It's advisable for travelers to stay informed about the latest travel news in Cambodia for essential updates. Wishing you and your family memorable and delightful moments in this picturesque country.

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