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Top 13 Best Restaurants In My Tho, Vietnam

When traveling to the Mekong Delta, you should not miss these incredible restaurants in My Tho - Which bring you a true flavor of cuisine here. Let Autour be alongside you in this food-tour Mekong Delta. Also, if you travel to Tien Giang, don’t overlook Bến Tre, a city located right next to Tien Giang, My Tho, which is very convenient for you to travel between the two provinces to enjoy delicious dishes, you’ll find much extraordinary memory here:

In the Region of My Tho, Tien Giang

1. Mekong Rest Stop

Mekong Rest Stop

As soon as you set foot here, travelers will feel the fresh air of the riverine region. The welcoming houses use traditional materials like bamboo, thatch, and straw, creating a sense of closeness to the Vietnamese countryside for travelers. Moreover, the cleverly designed layout incorporates winding rivers, bamboo bridges, wooden boats, and fishing nets... offering fascinating discoveries for tourists.
Here, tourists not only immerse themselves in nature but also savor the characteristic dishes of the Mekong Delta region. The source of fresh local seafood ingredients is always readily available, so the restaurant's dishes guarantee freshness, quality, and an exceptionally rich countryside flavor. In addition, with the warm and attentive, somewhat professional service of the Mekong Rest Stop Tiền Giang staff, travelers are sure to have a wonderful experience when they arrive here.

2. Le Longanier Restaurant

Le Longanier Restaurant

Le Longanier Restaurant is situated in Cai Be, along the route to Can Tho or Chau Doc. Nestled within a lush tropical garden along the riverbanks and encircled by fruit orchards, Le Longanier is a splendid two-story villa fashioned after a French colonial residence from the turn of the century. It exudes the refined ambiance of traditional Indochina.
A leisurely stroll around the property reveals traditional plantation shutters, intricately carved lanterns, and vintage ceiling fans, all reminiscent of the architectural fusion of East meets West from that era. Taking its name from the longan trees that grace the garden, this tranquil riverside haven highlights the region's produce and rustic culinary techniques, blending fresh herbs, local fruits and vegetables, and indigenous fish.
The restaurant serves as an ideal stopover for lunch on the way for travelers exploring the Mekong Delta.

3. Mekong Taste Restaurant

Mekong Taste Restaurant

Mekong Taste boasts two spacious halls accommodating up to 500 guests, five charming "overwater huts" perched on the Tien River, three VIP meeting rooms, a scenic riverside bar, a dedicated area for showcasing Mekong Delta specialties, and a quaint Bungalow mini resort.
But Mekong Taste aspires to be more than just a dining destination. It aims to establish itself as a leading brand that fosters cultural exchange and celebrates the unique culinary, natural, and cultural aspects of Thoi Son Island in My Tho City, as well as the broader Mekong Delta region.
At Mekong Taste, you can relish the familiar flavors of Mekong Delta cuisine, ranging from set menus to buffets, BBQs, and delightful tea breaks.

4. Ẩm Thực Chay Bồ Đề Quán (Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant)

Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant

Eating vegetarian and living a wholesome lifestyle seems to have become a trend that many people are embracing nowadays. Choosing a vegetarian diet isn't just a spiritual decision, as many might think, but also a choice for health and body detoxification.

If you are someone who enjoys vegetarian food and is looking for an excellent vegetarian restaurant, then "Bồ Đề Quán Vegetarian Cuisine" is the perfect choice for you.
The dishes here are highly regarded for being delicious and diverse, ranging from simple to complex recipes. What makes this place outstanding is the use of fresh ingredients, sourced from reputable gardens and suppliers, and prepared with top-notch, high-quality seasonings. This ensures the quality of each meal served to the venerable monks, devout Buddhists, and valued guests.
Furthermore, the restaurant offers a spacious and clean environment with a simple yet elegant style, complemented by a serene and charming garden. It provides a delightful dining experience where you can enjoy your favorite dishes while soothing your soul and savoring the gentle, refined atmosphere of the place.
Visiting Bồ Đề Quán is truly a peaceful haven dedicated to you, where your heart can find tranquility, not only through the meticulously prepared meals but also through the serene and elegant ambiance of the place.
Furthermore, to meet the needs of venerable monks, devout Buddhists, and valued guests, Bồ Đề Quán also has a Buddhist supermarket that offers a variety of nutritious vegetarian foods, essential items, organic products, and Buddhist cultural goods. From various vegetables, beans, and seeds to special vegetarian items like saffron, bird's nests, vegetarian floss, vegan milk, natural aloeswood incense, premium incense sticks, Buddha statues, prayer beads, and gemstones, Bồ Đề Quán Vegetarian Cuisine provides you with numerous choices and satisfaction, from product quality to service.

In the Region of Ben Tre

5. Hong Cuc Pho Restaurant

Foods in Hong Cuc Pho Restaurant

Pho Hong Cuc Culinary Village is a great place to eat in Ben Tre. It's well-known for its delicious food. The restaurant is used by both tourists and large-scale events with a lot of guests. It meets a lot of different dining needs.
Pho Hong Cuc Culinary Village enjoys a strategic location merely 200m away from the Giao Long Industrial Park, ensuring easy accessibility. Spanning across a vast area of 1200m2, the establishment boasts various distinct dining zones. These include sections dedicated to Pho cuisine, a Bar-Cafe-milk tea enclave, family dining area, banquet hall with a Koi fish pond, VIP room, and even ample parking space for cars and buses.
With an impressive capacity to accommodate over 500 patrons simultaneously, the delightful Hong Cuc restaurant also extends catering services tailored to customer preferences. A diverse selection of gastronomic delights from Asian and European cuisine is on the menu, including Hong Cuc prawn nest, Hong Cuc beef wrapped in green cabbage, Hong Cuc hotpot, Hong Cuc grilled beef ribs, Hong Cuc banana flower eel salad, and Hong Cuc crab curry.

6. Mien Tay Riverside Restaurant

Mien Tay Riverside Restaurant

The Song Nuoc Mien Tay restaurant is a renowned culinary gem located within Ben Tre. Positioned by the riverside, it grants patrons the opportunity to relish a serene river vista while dining. The restaurant is made of wood and has a roof covered in leaves that looks like the Southern style.
There is an extensive menu at Song Nuoc Mien Tay, which includes shrimp and meat salads, succulent grilled chicken and a flavorful fish hot pot. The dishes are skillfully crafted, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience. The prices are very reasonable, so the restaurant is a good choice for people who want quality and affordability in their dining experiences.

7. Ben Tre Floating Restaurant

Ben Tre Floating Restaurant
Ben Tre floating restaurant is a culinary treasure that has been around for generations. This venerable establishment nestles gracefully by the riverbank, its architecture inspired by a dragon headship, spanning three floors to comfortably accommodate up to 500 guests.
Within the embrace of the Ben Tre floating restaurant, a medley of flavors awaits. Coconut worms, coconut tuber salad, fish hotpot and steamed shrimp with coconut water are some of the things on the menu. While you eat these delicious dishes, you'll hear beautiful music from Southern amateur musicians. This will make your meal even more enjoyable.

8. An Nam Restaurant

An Nam Restaurant
An Nam Restaurant, nestled within the heart of Ben Tre City, presents a captivating dining experience.
The culinary offerings at An Nam Restaurant paint a vivid portrait of Vietnam's diverse culinary heritage. The menu has a lot of colorful dishes that represent the different flavors and traditions of different parts of the country. An Nam Restaurant is known for its commitment to serving a variety of delicious seafood dishes. These culinary creations, characterized by their freshness and innovation, are prepared using entirely natural and clean ingredients. The result is a medley of flavors that evoke a true sense of Vietnamese culinary identity, delivered in a manner that is both appealing and satisfying.
With its dedication to offering a diverse culinary journey, the restaurant emerges as a beacon of gastronomic delight, embodying the authenticity and richness of Vietnamese cuisine. Whether you seek to explore traditional regional dishes or savor inventive seafood creations, An Nam Restaurant is poised to elevate your dining experience to new level.

9. Hung Vuong Restaurant

Hung Vuong Restaurant

Nestled among the prominent venues of Binh Duong, this restaurant stands as one of the largest in the region, characterized by its captivating and well-informed interior layout. Over time, it has become a great place to plan many events, like big weddings and important meetings, happy birthdays, and educational conferences.

Guests are greeted with an ambiance that seamlessly blends warmth and elegance. The establishment's interior shows its commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere where patrons can enjoy the moment and get lost at the moment. Modern amenities are thoughtfully integrated, complemented by modern sound systems and ambient lighting, setting the stage for a remarkable experience. Adding to its charm is the diverse culinary landscape it offers.

Guests can choose from a range of unique banquet menus to create their own dining experience. These menus elegantly cater to different tastes and preferences, with the choice between contemporary Western flavors or the rich tapestry of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. This culinary flexibility elevates the dining experience, making it not only a feast for the palate, but also a testament to the restaurant's commitment to accommodating diverse preferences.

10. Mai An Tiem Garden

Mai An Tiem Garden

The restaurant's name already tells you how much food there is and how big the space is.
It's designed like an open garden, giving you a peaceful feeling even though life outside is busy. The food here, with its strong Mekong Delta flavors, will stay in your memory forever.
And the most important part – the food! The menu is full of delicious Mekong Delta dishes. Every bite takes you on a journey through the local sips and tales. The taste of the food brings back memories of the area and makes you remember every moment.
So, going to this restaurant is more than just eating; it's about enjoying the flavors, culture, and a break from your regular routines.

11. Ngo Dong Restaurant

Foods in Ngo Dong Restaurant

Ngo Dong restaurant in Ben Tre offers a delightful dining experience. The food in the Mekong Delta is fast and delicious. It has strong and savory flavors. With plenty of parking space, you can easily get around. Enjoy fresh and delicious dishes that show the essence of southern Vietnam. The serene and rural ambiance provides a comfortable space to savor your meals, all at reasonable prices. The owner's warm and enthusiastic hospitality adds to the enjoyable experience.

12. Viet Nhat Restaurant

Viet Nhat Restaurant
Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of the Mekong Delta, the Viet-Nhat restaurant in Ben Tre offers a truly unique dining experience. Embark on a culinary journey that combines flavors, sights, and wildlife, all in one remarkable setting.
Imagine eating in a place where there are trees and plants that produce fruit, like pomelo, mango, and dragon fruit. While you wait for your dishes, you'll have the chance to explore the restaurant's big compound, which has a mini zoo with animals like crocodiles, porcupines, and even a king cobra. The harmony between nature and cuisine is evident as your food is delivered via motorbike to your tranquil hut by the river - a memorable dining experience.
The menu offers a rustic spread that exemplifies the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia. Spring rolls are crunchy and delicious, but grilled fish, chicken stew with local vegetables, sautéed drumsticks, and braised chicken served with rice are also delicious.

13. Diem Phuong Restaurant

Diem Phuong Restaurant

One of the key aspects that stand out about Diem Phuong Restaurant is its spacious and airy ambiance. The restaurant offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for diners. This feature makes it an ideal place to unwind and savor a meal while enjoying the picturesque views of the beautiful garden right by the river. It's a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta.
In terms of cuisine, Diem Phuong Restaurant is known for serving a delectable array of dishes from the Mekong Delta region. Visitors are in for a treat as they explore the rich flavors of southern Vietnam. From traditional recipes to local specialties, the menu showcases the culinary heritage of the area, making it a perfect stop for those looking to experience authentic southern Vietnamese cuisine.
While the restaurant certainly excels in its culinary offerings and scenic riverside location, some visitors have mentioned that the service can be a bit slow during peak hours due to the popularity of the establishment. However, this minor setback is often outweighed by the overall dining experience and the chance to indulge in local delicacies, such as "cá tai voi," a unique and delicious specialty of the Mekong Delta.

Remember to include these 13 essential dining spots in Mekong Delta on your itinerary for your next trip. These amazing places promise a great meal that won't let you down.



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