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Top 08 Tourist Attractions In Pu Luong, Vietnam

Are you a travel enthusiast always on the lookout for new and breathtaking destinations? If you're seeking a serene and awe-inspiring place to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and escape the busy city life, Autour Asia has the perfect recommendation for you: Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.
Located in the northwest region of Thanh Hoa province, approximately 178 km from Hanoi, Pu Luong is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its untouched natural beauty, this nature reserve remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. Coming to Pu Luong, you can enter a world of lush rice terraces, quaint villages and warm-hearted locals who always welcome visitors with open arms. In addition, visitors can also explore diverse flora and fauna, encounter unique ethnic communities and witness traditions that have stood the test of time. This will be a destination not to be missed for any visitor when coming to Vietnam.

1. Cham stream

Cham stream, Pu Luong

Cham Stream, located in Chieng Lau, Ban Cong commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, is a captivating destination in Pu Luong. The Thai Den people in the area discovered this stream because it is the largest stream in the region made up of small streams flowing into the Ma River. Today, Cham Stream has become a popular spot for tourists visiting Pu Luong. When coming here, you will discover the life of indigenous people with water wheels. They use these waterwheels to serve their farming needs. Additionally, the stream offers thrilling rafting experiences. Sitting on a bamboo raft and dropping into the water, visitors will feel the freshness of nature and the freedom of the soul.

2. Don village

Don village, Pu Luong
Don Village, once an abandoned place, has transformed into a thriving community tourism destination, attracting both domestic and international tourists with its natural beauty. Don village has 159 households, mainly Thai people. The village's main livelihood revolves around farming and bamboo shoot harvesting. One of the village's notable highlights is the exquisite art of weaving. By visiting Don Village, you'll have the opportunity to witness the local women's remarkable skill in crafting vibrant costumes using ancient and unique techniques. If you are also a knitting lover and want to experience it for yourself, don't hesitate to seek guidance from the knowledgeable locals, creating cherished memories during your trip.
Exploring the culinary delights of Don Village is also a must-do when visiting Pu Luong. The village is renowned for its mountain delicacies, including bamboo shoots, Cổ Lũng duck, wild boar, and hill chicken. For an immersive cultural experience and the chance to connect with warm and hospitable locals, visitors can stay in homestays provided by the residents of Don Village. It's a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the village's rich heritage and forge meaningful connections with the locals who will warmly welcome you.

3. Bat cave (Hang Doi) - Kho Muong Village

Bat cave (Hang Doi) - Kho Muong Village
To reach Bat Cave, Kho Muong, visitors have to pass relatively dangerous roads. Specifically, to venture deep into Kho Muong village, it is best to travel by motorbike as the narrow roads make car travel impossible. However, for the intrepid souls willing to navigate the winding path, they will be rewarded with awe-inspiring mountain vistas and the chance to explore the enigmatic Bat Cave. Researchers have identified at least four species of bats inhabiting Kho Muong Bat Cave. This cave, formed over 250 million years ago, showcases ancient rock formations. This extraordinary encounter allows visitors to marvel at the wonders of nature while fostering a greater appreciation for the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife.
Beyond cave exploration, visitors can also partake in leisurely walks through verdant forests, immersing themselves in the symphony of natural sounds, and discovering crystal-clear waterfalls. Arriving in Kho Muong village opens up opportunities to engage in various activities such as witnessing traditional dances, learning the art of fabric weaving and bamboo basket making, as well as crafting local musical instruments. Visitors' presence in this village not only creates lasting memories but also contributes to the growth and development of the local community.

4. Hieu waterfall

Hieu waterfall, Pu Luong
Hieu Waterfall, situated within the Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Co Lung commune, Ba Thuoc district, is a mesmerizing natural gem located approximately 180 km from Hanoi. Surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes of terraced fields, lush forests, and majestic limestone mountains, Hieu Waterfall offers a picturesque setting that is perfect for capturing unforgettable moments. Regardless of the season, Hieu Waterfall exudes its beauty throughout the year. The water flowing in Hieu Waterfall is crystal clear, refreshing in summer, and pleasantly warm in winter.
Stretching over a length of about 800m, the waterfall cascades from the rocky mountainside, dividing into two branches that flow in opposite directions before merging at the end of the stream. Outside the foot of the waterfall there is a natural swimming pool, just over 1m deep. Visitors can freely immerse themselves in the waterfall, take a refreshing dip in the pool, and marvel at the surrounding majestic mountains.
For those who are passionate about hiking, a hike to Hieu waterfall will be an ideal choice. The journey will lead you through a majestic landscape that will undoubtedly be a must-visit spot for capturing stunning check-in photos when exploring the beauty of Pu Luong.

5. Pu Luong peak

Pu Luong peak, Pu Luong
Pu Luong, located in the northwest of Vietnam, can be aptly described as a hidden paradise shrouded in clouds throughout the year. One of the highlights for visitors to Pu Luong is the opportunity to witness the ethereal beauty of the clouds as they gracefully dance over the peaks, especially when they wake up early in the morning. Within Pu Luong National Park stands the majestic Pu Luong Peak, soaring 1,700m above sea level. It serves as an enticing destination for adventure enthusiasts eager to embark on an unforgettable trekking experience.
Ascending to the summit of Pu Luong is a rewarding challenge, taking approximately 6-8 hours on a clear day. As you conquer this towering milestone, a breathtaking panorama awaits, revealing a mesmerizing landscape of mountains, expansive fields, and stilt houses scattered in the valleys. Reaching the summit of Pu Luong at 1,700m is an accomplishment that fills one with a sense of pride and awe.
For those traveling in groups, an exhilarating option is to indulge in a barbecue and camp overnight at the pinnacle of Pu Luong. This thrilling journey promises unforgettable memories, as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings and create cherished moments under the starry night sky.

6. Pho Doan market

Pho Doan market, Pu Luong
Pho Doan Market, established centuries ago during the French colonial period, holds a significant historical value. This vibrant market operates exclusively on Thursday and Sunday mornings, offering visitors a glimpse into the traditional attire of the local ethnic groups. It is also a hub for captivating dance performances showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Thai and Muong communities.
Not only is it a trading center, Pho Doan market is also a gathering place for locals to connect, forge friendships, and exchange news. Visitors here will be warmly welcomed and enjoy the traditional dishes of the mountains of Vietnam. More specifically, in addition to buying and selling with money, people here still choose not to use money but exchange goods with each other.
Located in the middle of majestic mountains and forests of Pu Luong nature reserve, Doan street market, Lung Nhiem commune, Ba Thuoc district has become an attractive tourist attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Its presence contributes to the preservation of the cultural treasures and distinctiveness of the ethnic minorities residing in the area.

7. Son- Ba- Muoi villages

  • Address: Lũng Cao commune, Bá Thước district, Thanh Hóa province, Việt Nam

Son- Ba- Muoi villages, Pu Luong

Located just 24 km away from Don village, Son - Ba - Muoi villages are often compared to Sapa of the Northwest or Da Lat of the Central Highlands because of its pleasant and refreshing climate throughout the year. The average temperature hovers between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, creating a mild and enjoyable atmosphere. In winter, the temperature can drop to around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius, occasionally bringing the possibility of snow. While the daytime weather remains pleasant, the nights can be a bit chilly.
Upon arrival, visitors admire the wild and majestic beauty of nature, blending into the ancient, simple and peaceful atmosphere of the villages. More specifically, this is the land where there are the most delicious tangerine gardens in the North of Vietnam. However, to get to these beautiful villages, you have to overcome the challenge of the road, because the villages are located at the top of the mountains. Son - Ba - Muoi stands apart from the villages situated at the mountain's base, providing a majestic and alluring landscape that entices tourists. Here, the traditional stilt houses and ancient customs are still preserved intact.

8. Muon waterfall

Muon waterfall, Pu Luong

Located approximately 170 km from Hanoi, Muon Waterfall also known as Mo waterfall is nestled atop Want mountain, standing over 500 meters above sea level. A visit to Mo Waterfall in Thanh Hoa will treat you to a majestic sight of more than 40 cascading levels of water, where the crystal-clear and refreshing flow remains consistent throughout the year. What is especially interesting is that when visitors come to Thac Mo, visitors can climb 43 floors of the waterfall without having to take off their sandals, as the rocks here offer a sandy and smooth texture, ensuring a secure footing. With the cool air and the scent of wild flowers, Muon waterfall has become one of the places that attracts nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Autour Asia presents top 08 must-visit tourist attractions in Pu Luong. All these destinations promise to bring visitors the most unique and memorable experiences. For a perfect trip, let's find out more information about specialties and resorts in Pu Luong with Autour Asia in other articles. We wish you have a great vacation!



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