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Luang Prabang - Kuang Si Waterfalls - Trek to Ban Long Lao - Pak Ou Cave – Pakbeng by sharing Shompoo Cruise - Mekong elephant park of Pakbeng – Muang Xai - Nong Khiaw - Ban Sobjam - Muang Ngoy - Vang Vieng - Vientiane - Flight to Pakse - Bolaven Plateau - Vat Phou - Don Khong (Khong Island) - Nakasong Village
Luang Prabang, Laos Pakse, Laos


Laos is emerging as a top-tier destination for travelers, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, rich historical legacy, and serene atmosphere that beckons visitors to embrace the present moment. Among the country's most captivating sights are Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the quaint town of Vang Vieng, and the enchanting expanse of the 4,000 Islands nestled in southern Laos.

For a deeply immersive journey into the diverse historical and cultural fabric of this region, often dubbed the "Land of a Million Elephants," we recommend a meticulously crafted three-week Laos Tour.

This thoughtfully curated itinerary offers a profound exploration of the breathtaking scenery and cultural marvels of Luang Prabang, including the Kuang Si Waterfalls, trekking to Ban Long Lao, exploring Pak Ou Cave, embarking on a shared Shompoo Cruise to Pakbeng, visiting the Mekong Elephant Park in Pakbeng, and venturing to Muang Xai, Nong Khiaw, Ban Sobjam, Muang Ngoy, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Pakse, the Bolaven Plateau, Champasak, Wat Phou, and the 4000 Islands.

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Day 1: Arrival In Luang Prabang (without Meals)/ No Guide

Upon your arrival at Luang Prabang airport, our private driver will warmly welcome you and drive you to your hotel so you can check in comfortably. After settling in, you'll have the choice to either rest or explore the surroundings.

For dinner, you can choose your own restaurant and savor the local cuisine at your own pace. Then, you'll spend a restful night at the hotel, ready to explore Luang Prabang the following morning.

Meals at your leisure. Overnight stay at the hotel in Luang Prabang.

Day 2: Luang Prabang - City Tour By Bicycle (B)

Start your day early at 5:00 am to witness the serene procession of monks through the streets of Luang Prabang as they gather alms—a spiritual experience not to be missed. After this soul-stirring spectacle, return to your hotel for breakfast.

At 8:30 am, our knowledgeable guide will greet you in the hotel lobby to commence your exploration of the city by bicycle. Begin your journey at the vibrant Phousi Market, soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Continue your discovery with a visit to the esteemed Vat Xieng Thong temple and the converted Royal Palace, now a captivating museum. Conclude your cultural excursion with a stop at Vat May temple.

Cross the tranquil Mekong River via a local ferry to reach the serene village of Ban Xiengmien, offering a glimpse into local life and traditions.

As evening descends, leisurely stroll through the enchanting night market, where you can uncover exquisite handmade textiles. Enjoy meals at your own pace, savoring the flavors of this enchanting city.

Overnight at the hotel in Luang Prabang

Day 3: Luang Prabang - Kuang Si Waterfalls - Trek To Ban Long Lao (B ; L)
Car Hiking Trekking

Following breakfast, our driver and guide will meet you in the hotel lobby. Venture to the stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls, passing through local villages like Ban Ouay (Hmong), Ban Ou (Laoloum), and Ban Thapene (Khamu).

Explore the natural beauty of Kuang Si and engage in a trek (3-4 hours, duration varies based on walking ability) through agricultural fields, bamboo forests, and jungle to Ban Long Lao village, inhabited by Khamu and Hmong communities.

Immerse yourself in their local life and customs. Return to Luang Prabang in the late afternoon to enjoy your evening. Lunch provided; dinner is at your leisure.

Overnight stay in Luang Prabang.

Day 4: Luang Prabang - Pak Ou – Pakbeng By Sharing Shompoo Cruise (B ; L) (~6h By Cruise)
Car Sampan Cruise

At 6:15 am, your private guide and driver will collect you from the hotel lobby and transfer you to the Shompoo cruise pier. Throughout the shared cruise, our guide will accompany you.

The boat departs Luang Prabang at 7:00 am, traveling upstream on the Mekong to Pakbeng. Enjoy a continental breakfast served on board.

In the morning, we'll pause to explore Pak Ou Caves (Tham Ting), housing over two thousand Buddha statues and serving as a significant pilgrimage site for Lao people.

Savor a traditional Lao lunch set onboard.

During the afternoon, our English-speaking guide will conduct a brief lecture, detailing the diverse ethnicities present in Laos. The boat docks in Pakbeng before nightfall. Dinner is at your own discretion.

Overnight in Pakbeng


  • Departures are scheduled from October to April on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Shompoo cruise requires a minimum of 6 passengers for each departure. Please inquire about availability before making reservations. Written requests via email are the only accepted method for reservations and confirmation.
  • For upstream journeys, boats depart from Luang Prabang at 7:00 am. Please arrive at the boat pier by 6:45 am. The location is opposite T56 in Ban Pakham.
  • It can be chilly during the cruise, so remember to bring a jacket.
  • The program may change without prior notice due to safety reasons and weather conditions.
Day 5: Pakbeng – Mekong Elephant Park Of Pakbeng – Muang Xai (B)
Car Sampan Cruise

After breakfast, embark on a guided tour at Mekong Elephant Park in Pakbeng. Note: Activities may vary due to weather.

Upon crossing the Mekong, your guide will introduce the sanctuary's mission and elephant welfare initiatives. Learn about the elephants' stories, family bonds, and their relationships with their mahouts.

Explore the primary forest and observe elephants in their habitat, prioritizing passive observation.

Follow your guide along natural trails, gaining insights into elephant behavior and witnessing their interactions.

Watch elephants playfully splash in water, guided by their instincts.

Bid farewell as you're ferried back to the starting point.

Then, head to Muang Xai, nestled in northern Laos near the Chinese border, known for its diverse ethnic minorities.

Upon arrival, check into your hotel and enjoy leisure time. Meals at your discretion.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Muang Xai.

Day 6: Muang Xai - Nong Khiaw (B)

After breakfast, leave Muang Xai for Nong Khiaw. If it's a weekday, visit a local school to gain insight into students' daily life. Then, explore the historic Phathok Cave, a refuge used during the "Secret War". Return to the hotel for leisure time. Meals at your discretion.

Overnight stay in Nong Khiaw

Day 7: Nong Khiaw - Local Villages And Hike To Ban Sobjam | Homestay (B, Dinner)
Car Hiking Trekking

After breakfast, we'll take a local long-tail boat to Ban Houi Hoi village. From there, we'll embark on a hike (~2.5-3 hours, pace dependent) to Ban Sop Khong village, providing insights into local life, customs, and daily routines.

Following the hike, we'll cruise down the Nam Ou River to Ban Sobjam village, known for a project establishing a new school as part of an aid program. Residents are primarily subsistence farmers, hunters, and fishermen.

Upon arrival, settle into a homestay with private room and basic amenities. Lunch is at your leisure, and dinner will be provided at Ban Sobjam.

Dinner and Overnight stay at the homestay

Day 8: Ban Sobjam - Muang Ngoy (B)
Hiking Trekking

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, depart from Ban Sobjam and trek alongside the Mekong River to Ban Hatsaphuey village (~30-1 hour trek depending on your pace). Upon arrival, explore the village, greet locals, and engage in conversations to learn about their daily lives.

Next, board a local boat and cruise downstream to Muang Ngoy. Admire the stunning scenery along the river, featuring quaint fishing villages and agricultural lands.

Upon reaching Muang Ngoy, settle into a charming guesthouse (early check-in subject to availability) and enjoy leisure time for rest. Meals are at your discretion.

Overnight stay in a local guesthouse.

Day 9: Muang Ngoy And Surroundings - Nong Khiaw - Luang Prabang (B)
Car Sampan Cruise

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the guesthouse, embark on a journey to explore the local villages of Ban Na (~2 hours depending on your pace), inhabited by the Thaï Deang tribe. Immerse yourself in their daily life, culture, and traditions for an authentic experience of Laotian culture.

Continue your descent along the Nam Ou River to Nong Khiaw.

Finally, proceed to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to discover its traditional architecture, Buddhist temples, and lively markets. This day promises authentic discoveries of Laos.

Meals are at your leisure throughout the day.

Overnight stay in Luang Prabang

Day 10: Luang Prabang – Day At Leisure (B)

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel. Today is a free day for you to rest after your journey through the mountainous area.

Meals are not provided, allowing you to dine at your leisure.

Overnight in Luang Prabang

Day 11: Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng By Local Speed Train (B)
Car Train

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will be transferred without a guide to the Luang Prabang train station for the speed train journey to Vang Vieng (1-1.5 hours by train, schedule and availability vary by month).

Upon arrival in Vang Vieng, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Laotian mountains, you will be greeted by a new guide and driver.

Relax and unwind with a delightful cruise on a local boat along the Nam Song River. This scenic ride offers breathtaking views of the tranquil local life and the stunning sunsets over the surrounding mountains.

Meals are at your leisure during your stay.

Overnight stay in Vang Vieng.

Day 12: Vang Vieng Visit (B)

After a delightful breakfast, kick off your day with a visit to the Tham Jang Cave, featuring 147 steps and offering breathtaking views of the valley. This cave, significant in Vang Vieng's history, served as a refuge during the civil war and later became a local recreational spot. Inside, marvel at the stalactites, stalagmites, and panoramic vistas.

Next, venture to the Tham Pukham Cave, where you'll discover a serene blue-green lagoon housing a reclining bronze Buddha statue.

Continue your exploration with a visit to the Tham Nangfa Cave, known for its remarkable gel projectors illuminating huge limestone formations and spectacular stalactites resembling various shapes, including Buddha, cooking utensils, and animals.

Return to the hotel at your leisure. Meals are yours to enjoy at your own pace.

Overnight stay in Vang Vieng

Day 13: Vang Vieng - Vientiane (B) (130km - 2h30 Drive)

After breakfast, you'll be transferred to your hotel in Vientiane. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure to explore the surroundings and relax.

Meals are at your discretion, allowing you to dine according to your preferences and schedule.

Overnight stay in Vientiane.

Day 14: Vientiane City Tour (B ; D)

Begin your day with a visit to Vat Sisaket, Vientiane's oldest temple dating back to 1818. Next, explore Ho Phra Keo, a former royal temple now transformed into a museum.

One of Vientiane's iconic landmarks is the Patuxai, also known as the Victory Gate or Anousavari. Built in 1958, its architecture is reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Don't miss the That Luang Stupa, another architectural marvel believed to house relics of the Lord Buddha.

Explore the morning market for its array of handicrafts. Lunch will be at your own leisure.

In the afternoon, venture to the outskirts of Vientiane to visit the Buddha Park, located 24 km south of the city, and admire the impressive Friendship Bridge.

Upon returning to Vientiane, visit the weaving village of Ban Nong Bouathong before heading back to your hotel.

For dinner, indulge in traditional Lao dance and music at the Kou Lao restaurant.

Overnight stay at the hotel in Vientiane.

Day 15: Vientiane – Day At Leisure (B)

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel. Today is a free day for you to rest after your journey through the mountainous area.

Meals are not provided, allowing you to dine at your leisure.

Overnight in Vientiane.

Day 16: Vientiane - Flight To Pakse - Bolaven Plateau (B)
Car Air plane

After breakfast, you'll be transferred without a guide to Vientiane airport for your flight to Pakse. The expected schedule is QV305 VTEPKZ from 11:55 to 12:55, operating daily.

Upon arrival in Pakse, you'll immediately depart for the Bolaven Plateau, renowned for its coffee and tea plantations. Your first stop will be Tad Fane waterfall, the highest in the country, with two arms plunging over 120 meters. Next, visit Tad Ngern waterfall, nestled in the heart of lush forest. You'll have the opportunity to swim at the base of the falls before heading to your hotel to rest.

Meals are at your leisure throughout the day.

Overnight stay at Bolaven Plateau.

Day 17: Bolaven Plateau – Jeep Tour And Trekking 1 Full Day – Pakse (B ; L)
Car Hiking Trekking

After breakfast, you'll transfer with our guide and driver to Ban Beng village. Upon arrival, there will be a vehicle change from a minivan to a jeep for a 30-minute journey to Tad Moun waterfall, where you can relax or swim.

Following this, you'll continue your adventure to the Mystic Mountain Coffee farm, traversing vegetable fields on a bumpy and muddy road, particularly during the rainy season. Enjoy the thrilling Jeep tour!

Upon arrival at the coffee farm, savor a local lunch before Mr. Khamsone, the owner, demonstrates the coffee roasting process and leads a coffee cupping session featuring Robusta, Arabica, and Typica varieties.

Afterward, embark on a short trek (~1 hour, depending on your capacity) to a viewpoint overlooking the Bolovens plateau.

Your Jeep tour isn't complete without a visit to Laven village, a 20-minute drive from the viewpoint.

The day concludes back at the starting point, Ban Beng, around 17:00. From there, you'll switch back to the minivan and return to Pakse for an overnight stay. Expect a late arrival in town.

Dinner is at your own discretion.

Overnight in Pakse

Day 18: Pakse - Vat Phou - Don Khong (Khong Island) (B) (144km - 3h30 Drive)

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards, journey towards Champasak, a town renowned for its colonial remnants and the famed archaeological site of Vat Phou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nestled at the foot of the sacred mountain of Phou Kao, Vat Phou boasts Hindu temples with pre-Angkorian Khmer architecture, offering a glimpse into Laos's rich historical heritage.

Continue your adventure by car to Don Khong, the largest island in the Mekong region, also known as the 4000 Islands. Upon arrival, settle into your hotel and enjoy leisure time to explore the area at your own pace.

Meals are at your discretion throughout the day.

Overnight stay at the hotel on Khong Island.

Day 19: Khong Island - Nakasong Village - Don Khone Island (B)
Car Sampan Cruise

After breakfast, journey to Nakasong Village. From there, take a traditional boat to Don Det and Don Khone islands. These islands offer a peaceful environment with limited amenities. Don Det is popular with backpackers, while Don Khone focuses on local culture.

Explore Lippi Falls by motorcycle taxi and visit the local village. Return to your hotel.

Meals are not provided; you can dine as you wish.

Overnight in Khong Island.

Day 20: Don Khone Island – Pakse (B)

After breakfast at the hotel, return to Pakse. Enjoy free time to explore the city at your own pace. Wander through the streets, visit Buddhist temples, or browse local markets. Make the most of your final day to experience Laotian culture.

Meals are at your own discretion.

Overnight stay in Pakse

Day 21: Pakse - Departure Flight (B)

After breakfast at the hotel, you'll be transferred to the airport without a guide for your departure flight. Meals are at your leisure. Check-out time is at 12:00.

End of 3 weeks in Laos Tour !

  • What’s Inclusion

    • Accommodation in a double or twin room with daily breakfast
    • Private air-conditioned vehicle during all tours and transfers.
    • English-speaking guide during all tours.
    • Entrance fees for all visits as mentioned in the itinerary
    • Lunch or dinner as specified in the itinerary
    • Local Sampan cruise.
    • Water & cool towels
    • Government taxes & service charge.
  • What’s Excluded

    • International & domestic airfare (Vientiane - Pakse).
    • Drinks and meals not mentioned
    • Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone, drinks, tips… etc.
    • Personal travel insurance.
    • Laos visa fees.
  • Notes

    • Domestic air tickets are not included, we will purchase them when you finalize the tour date.
    • The timing of check-in and check-out at the hotels: Check-in at 14:00, check-out at 12:00. (Early check-in/late check-out is upon your request).
    • A single supplement is required if you are traveling alone.
    • The triple room is possible upon your request.

    Note for Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng Speed Train:

    • Tickets purchasable 3 days before departure.
    • Luggage allowance: 20 kg for adults, 10 kg for children. Max dimensions: 160 cm or 130 cm (on certain trains).
    • Oversized luggage can be checked at the station.
    • Prohibited items: weapons, explosives, chemicals, drugs, sharp objects, pets (living or non-living), and odorous or environmentally impactful foods. Any found items will be confiscated by security without return. We are not liable for confiscated items.

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